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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Citizens are preparing "Alkashih" more assured their savings


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Citizens are preparing "Alkashih" more assured their savings

Post by rocky on Thu 10 Nov 2016, 2:48 am

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Citizens are preparing "Alkashih" more assured their savings

 BAGHDAD / Saja Hashim 

Pushed the robbery he suffered a home (Abu Adel) two years ago to think in a new way to save his money and his savings away from theeyes of thieves, buried under his part , the central bank confirmed the receipt of large amounts of money buried. 
Abu Adel mention in his speech (term ) that " an armed group broke into my house and stole about six million dinars and jewelry gold my wife, and the Baanjazna my wife and I in a room at home to be able to that gang to find the money and gold stolen, noting that, security and economic situation in the country is not safe and put the rest of the money in a secret location bottom of the wheel so as not to steal again, and that its neighbors have turned their money into dollars, some of them buried in the garden , " the 
central bank said in a press statement on Wednesday, he said he" noted the increasing incidence of the audience to revisit replace buried currency amounts very large , "noting that" this process is a negative indicator of the lack of interest in the national currency. " the 
bank , " he said the national currency was buried lead to damage deliberately national currency and holds additional Colva, "adding that" currency is a symbol of national sovereignty symbols " . 
he called the bank "citizens ' interest in the national currency and not to bury it in the ground and go back to keep them at the government and private banks , " calling on them to " the acquisition of government bonds alternative to hoarding as a means of saving." 
Director General of the banking and credit Ihsan al - Yassiri said in his speech (long) "We understand that people if they were reassured by both banks were deposited their money in" following up on that , "but some banks and not all of them let down their customers and there was abuse recovery of funds deposited them making citizens lose confidence in banks , " Mstrsla " The security situation requires the removal of money from the eyes of thieves than forced citizens to bury them sometimes , " 
 said Yasiri" bury money underground have no technical means to protect and moisture seeping banknote which leads to damage , "noting that" banknotes which replace the public is difficult to be stored with the rest of the papers, because most of them are rotten and the process of printing money is the process costly for the central bank , " 
Abizaid banking director and credit , saying that" binding replacing currency bank that was damaged, because this symbol of the national symbols of sovereignty , "adding that" the start of a major campaign to raise public awareness of the need to maintain the national currency of the damage and must to Ancdja negative phenomena, and banking work civilized played by civilized nations , " 
said Yassiri that" should the public directed to avoid banknotes buried and the possibility of deposit with thebanking system to keep them , "noting that" the citizen who does not want to be deposited in banks can save it in another, through government bonds benefits ranging from 8-10% , which is sovereign bonds guaranteed by the government , " 
economic expert on behalf of Anton said in his speech (term) that" the Iraqi citizen Avadath, traditions and culture does not believe only in cash and distrust that deposit their money in banks , "following up" was better for the central bank to prevent this bonds into cash and pays the bank benefits for citizens instead of borrow government from the outside or from the inside , "adding that" the central bank demanded in previous incidents of citizens to buy treasury bonds to rescue financial and monetary country 's situation, but in return must be submitted temptations to submit citizen to replace his money these bonds "noting that" the goal is to shift savings from Aktnazih to investment savings , and there are many ways, including the pricing of interest at at least 10% and to give guarantees to the citizen to retrieve his money whenever he wants and so both parties benefit , " 
said Anton that" there must be a media campaign to restore confidence between the citizen 's banking system that corrupted part of it for the purpose of the return of cash to trading rather than stay cache " 
Professor Department of banking and Finance in the whole of management and Economics Maitham Laibi between in his speech (range) that the position of buried money (under Alkashih) as is customary for Aaakhlu of novelty that true, saying that " the true subject it reflects two facts Mamutain, first that there is a lack oftrust in the banking system, and lack of faith in the role of banks to protect depositors ' money and not theconviction that interest rates could be attractive" Mstrsla that " on the other hand there is a lack of confidence in the development of that money in the "contour", which is associated as it sounds cases of thefts suffered by individuals and armed robberies on the houses , " 
he added Laibi" the currency is a symbol of the national symbols of sovereignty and the power of legal tender for issuance under the law, which is sometimes approaching science symbolic, therefore, the preservation of the damage is inevitable otherwise individuals bear sanctions, especially if it 's in large quantities deliberately " 
and founded the CBI independent bank under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies are being daily buying and selling currencies sessions.

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