BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq MP for the Sadr movement Mazen Mezni Monday, vote on the final accounts of "political settlement", noting that "the presence within the folds of these accountsare time bombs for some ministries . " He said Mezni in a press statement today: " The qualifying final accounts for the governments of al - Maliki is part of a political settlement that its will board chairman of the parliament in particular , "Salim al - Jubouri , " and this particular time to embarrass some members of the House of Representatives for a vote , "adding that" these accounts carry a lot of ticking bombs borne by the Ministries specific as where there many of the files of corruption and irregularities and lack of fire advances and a lot of abuses . "He pointed out that"the BSA has not been hosted in the parliament so far to be heard in this regard, and the Finance Committee where divisions over this issue , ".ofatt that" our role now as members of the House of Representatives we will monitor the vote on what has been and will pay off accounting defaulting including our powers in this matter.