Baghdad / Iraq News Network Badr promised parliamentary bloc, on Monday, the demands of the labor union linking the popular crowd , which the House of Representatives, seeking a vote on this November 26 governorates as a formula of the National Guard, a threat to state security and opensthe way for state intervention Alakulaimah.oukal Law Attorney for mass nostalgia Qadu in an interview today: "there will be Musharraf 's position of the coalition Shiite politicians who appreciate the sacrifices made by the popular crowd in order to liberate the land from the grip Daesh, on the vote on the crowd the law . " he added that " the law will pass the majority despite objections some deputies forces Union, "adding that" the powers demanded by linking law governorates and this poses a great danger to the security situation of the country opens up to foreign countries to intervene and abetting those forces rebellion against the federal government , ".ofatt that" the commander of the armed forces , the prime minister insists on passing law in recognition of the significant role of the popular crowd , which is fortified shield of Iraq. "