BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq announced that US President - elect Donald Trump, on Sunday, that it was considering the nomination of retired Gen. James Mattis , the Ministry of Defense, whilethe vice president - elect Mike Pence said he is studying Mitt Romney, who ran the White House race for the Republican Party in the nomination in 2012, the Ministry of Alforeigh.ovi tweet through his account on the site "Twitter," Trump said , "Gen. James [mad dog] Matisse, who are considering his nomination as defense secretary, was impressive yesterday, it is a real general" .waltqy Trump and Matisse, Saturday, for more than an hour in New Jersey, according to an official source in the transition team of President Almentb.uaml Generale Maritime American retired, known as "mad dog", in Afghanistan in 2001, with the launch of the US war there, as was the commander of the Marines in the battle of Fallujah , Iraq in 2004 . raised Matisse wave of sharp controversy in 2005 when he told a gathering of soldiers that "it is interesting to shoot some people" .otoly command of US Central command in 2010, a position made him responsible for all US forces in the Middle East, famous Matisse as well as his opposition and his criticism of acute nuclear deal with his part, Mike Pence , Vice President - elect said that Trump "feel very grateful to attend Romney, I've had a good meeting, and it was a conversation frank and warm , " and added: "I know that it is the study of his nomination as minister US State Department as well to Americans distinguished others ", in an interview with" Fox News Sunday. "