Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed the Egyptian ambassador to Iraq, on Wednesday, expressed his country 's approval to Habib Hadi al- Sadr nomination of a new ambassador to Iraq in Cairo , replacing former Ambassador Zia Aldbas.oukal Egypt 's ambassador to Iraq , Ahmed Darwish, in a press statement today: "It informed Iraqi Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, Egypt agreed on the nomination of Habib Hadi al- Sadr, Iraq 's ambassador to Cairo, succeeding Ambassador Zia Dabbas . "he added Ambassador Darwish," the new Iraqi ambassador Habib Mohammed Hadi al- Sadr was serving head of the Arab department Iraqi Foreign Ministry before he was nominated as ambassador to Iraq Cairo " is noteworthy that Habib al- Sadr is" free Ammar al - Hakim , "and Iraq has already be agreed on the nomination of Egypt , the Minister Plenipotentiary Alaa El Din Abdel Moneim Mohammed Moussa , Egyptian ambassador to Iraq, and Ambassador Darwish will appoint an ambassador of premium Diwan of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry as of February 210.