Baghdad / Iraq News Network showed the Federal Oil Ministry, welcomed the statement by the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government , Nechirvan Barzani, the latter concerningthe extradition of the oil extracted from the fields of the region and some of the province of Kirkuk fields to the federal government in exchange for payment of staff salaries Alakulaim.okan Presidentof the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani said Monday "if Baghdad was willing to pay the salaries we are ready to address the problems, including in the oil file" .ojaddedt the ministry in a statement today: "stress the importance of receiving the oil extracted from the fields of the region and some of the Kirkuk oilfields and export , according to official and legal mechanisms adopted by the oil Marketing company Iraqi Sumo in terms of accuracy exported quantities of crude oil and the revenues generated, which automatically goes to the federal treasury where they are distributed according to the operating and investment budget, which Thoudy annual approvalof the House of Representatives . "He pointed out that" the federal government and the oil Ministry Takda that the province salaries paid before the provincial government and the lack of government commitment to the agreement signed with the federal government and its failure to deliver the agreed quantities of crude oil extracted from the fields of the region a deficit in the federal budget for the years past reason. 
The Ministry of Oil that " the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi announced on more than one occasion the government is ready to pay the staff of the provincial salaries in the case of delivery of oil, but the Kurdistan Regional Government , this mechanism has not been applied, which confirms that the federal government does not assume responsibility for delaying the benefits exchange region and salaries staff ".ofattt that" the provincial government to export oil extracted from the fields of the region and some of the Kirkuk fields independently and without the knowledge of the Federal government and the Ministry of oil and sell it for less than the prices approved by the state oil marketing company SOMO in foreign dealings have inflicted damage on financial revenue forthe country and for the region . " .opent that " the non - delivery of the provincial government 's fiscal revenue realized from the sale of crude oil to the Federal Treasury has made it impossible to finance receivables provincial exchange by the government , according to the federal budget while he was supposed to, the provincial government to have sufficient revenue to pay the salaries , " .ookdt the Ministry of oil . " that the federal government and the ministry keen on alleviating the suffering of our people in the province and speed up the citizens ' wages and sharing a loaf of bread with the people of Iraq in the other provinces, and we hope the agreement with the provincial government on the new mechanisms and clear obliges the two sides to abide by the agreement and its implementation with high transparency and the benefit to the people of Iraq ".