BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the Board of Commissioners of the Supreme Electoral Commission member Kolshan cream, Wednesday, the effect of the postponement of provincial elections on the date of the parliamentary elections, and while suggesting needed Commissioner for nine months for the completion of the elections, entities and political parties called for speeding upthe completion of registration transactions before the middle December Alaol.oukalt Kamal in a press statement today: " the independent electoral Commission has proposed to postpone the elections to the period from 01/09/2017 until 17 of the same month to allow them to overcome the obstacles that stand in the path of the elections and that the most important financial constraints and the electoral law . "She added that" the postponement of the local elections will affect the House of Representatives election dates scheduled for April 2018 ", stressing" the need for OHCHR to nine months for the completion of the parliamentary elections in case of postponement of provincial elections.