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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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BREAKING: 1800 Veterans Now Confirmed To Have Been Infected With HIV At VA Hospital


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BREAKING: 1800 Veterans Now Confirmed To Have Been Infected With HIV At VA Hospital

Post by Lobo on Thu 01 Dec 2016, 9:56 pm

BREAKING: 1800 Veterans Now Confirmed To Have Been Infected With HIV At VA Hospital
Posted by Michael Kohl | Dec 1, 2016 | Liberal Corruption

veteran waiting for care with comrades

In what is the latest in a long line of Obama-era malpractice cases with the Veteran’s Administration, nearly 1,800 veterans who received care at the Tomah VA may have been infected with several types of diseases due to violations in infection control procedures.  Lax oversight criminal negligence on the part of the Administration is to blame; and, as usual, no one is facing strong disciplinary measures.
VA administrators made the announcement Tuesday afternoon at a press conference that they are in the process of notifying 592 veterans that they may be infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV after they received care from one particular dental provider.  Acting Medical Center Director Victoria Brahm said the dentist was using his own equipment, then cleaning it and reusing it, which violates the VA’s regulations.
The Tomah VA says it uses sterile and disposable equipment between October 2015 through October 2016, but it appears that was a lie.
It came to light when someone filling in for his assistant noticed what was going on and reported it. That dentist has been removed from patient care and is now working in an administrative role.

The VA also referred the case to the inspector general for assessment of any criminal charges, though if past patterns are any indication, nothing will be done. Brahm told reporters that the Tomah VA has made improvements but still has others to make.
“We have clear evidence that we are moving forward and the people that remain here are very vested and here for the mission of taking care of veterans,” she said. “There are pockets of improvement that need to occur they still need to I’ll be honest, and we are aware of where they are and we are dealing with them as quickly as we can.”
The VA is offering free screenings to those veterans and will provide free medical treatment to those who test positive for an infection. The news is very alarming to a lot of people, especially veterans in Western Wisconsin.  Army vet Jan Gross says he uses many of the services offered through the Tomah VA. While his experience has been good, he has seen others become frustrated with the medical center. Gross says that the level of care provided to vets at the Tomah VA isn’t where it should be. He said he is concerned the clinic isn’t keeping enough seasoned staff around to provide the best care.
“I don’t think they are paying them enough to keep good support staff and keep the main stay help for the VA so we suffer. People get frustrated, I see guys sick and tired of just waiting that they just walk out and don’t come back,” Gross said. I have waited for hours in the waiting room only to spend ten or fifteen minutes with a doctor who acts too rushed to really go over my condition. It is like I am now merely a number and not a living person. And there is no use in complaining, the process takes too long and the VA usually ignores it anyway.”
This isn’t the first time the Tomah VA has come under fire for its medical practices. In recent years, the center has been under investigations on allegations doctors there over prescribe prescription painkillers to patients.  In fact since 2009, scandals have seem too have erupted from all over the nation’s VA system.


Vet finally admitted to VA after waiting six months for treatment
American Legion National Commander Daniel Dillinger says the deaths appear to be part of a “pattern of scandals that has infected the entire system. Unfortunately those responsible usually go free.”
The basic and blunt fact of the matter is that the current Administration views our nation’s heroes with contempt.  Every chance that Obama has had to improve the care our veteran’s receive, he is either AWOL in his duties or becomes the embodiment of Dr. Death, just enough care to keep the system going, but not enough to fulfill the promises our nation made to its veterans.
My own family’s experience is just as tragic; my father was a two tour Vietnam Veteran.  In 2000 and 2001 he started developing lumps on his chin and neck.  He was told time and time again by his VA doctor that it was allergies and was treated as such.  But to no avail, his lumps got worse; yet still, his VA doctor insisted that it was allergies, even sending him to specialists to try newer allergy treatments.

It was only after an early morning nose bleed that led to a frantic rush to the hospital, that a emergency room physician informed my mom and dad that he had stage 4 lymphoma cancer and at best six months to live. Then the hard part began. A man that had served two tours in the jungles of Vietnam fighting for his country; a man that had been station in West Germany and Korea; now had to fight his own government for the care he was promised.
The paperwork is not designed to help vets receive the treatment they need and deserve, but to make all but the most determined applicants to turn away and seek treatment elsewhere.
My father lived longer than the 6 months he was told to expect, but it was not because of the care he received. He was constantly shifted from one doctor to another, interns earning their residency. Once they did, he would find himself with a new doctor that would run the same tests that the last one did, and change up his treatment, even if the current one was working.
They broke his spirit long before they killed his body. He spent the last 3 months of his life in a medically induced coma because the pain had become too much for him. Unfortunately, my dad’s story is all too common among those seeking care through the VA.

Vets stand by helplessly as a comrade gets horrible care
The last 8 years has seen the VA become a political football.  The Obama Administration has used the VA as a whipping boy and a cash cow to fund other endeavors. We see our loved ones care neglected  so we can fund welfare for illegal immigrants, or pay to bring refugees from countries that are sworn enemies of our great republic.
How many more cases like Tomah, like Pennsylvania, like Phoenix, like my dad will have to happen before we demand our Congress and our President to act?
I cannot help to be hopeful that when President Trump drains the swamp, he starts with the bureaucrats at the VA. Our heroes desperately need the care and treatment they truly deserve.

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