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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Rafidain rule out the launch of the lending process staff in the near term

day dreamer

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Rafidain rule out the launch of the lending process staff in the near term

Post by day dreamer on Tue 15 Jan 2013, 10:38 pm

Rafidain rule out the launch of the lending process staff in the near term

01/16/2013 12:25 am

For default of payment of interest and non-adoption of the budget
BAGHDAD - Haider al-Rubaie Flaih
Ruled out general manager of the Rafidain Bank to launch the process of granting government officials Sfatta five million dinars per cent salary, pointing out that the start again distributing these advances in the near term is unlikely due to the failure to approve the general budget of the country of destination and find the process of payment of interest financial borrowers on the other hand, and spoke of the importance of the economic forum and banking in Baghdad, called for the enactment of new laws that could serve the interests of the private banking business, stressing that he is a simple result of the failures of private banks were exposed in the periods
previous government took direct its institutions not to deal with those banks.
And said Zia Alckheon during an interview (morning): that stumbled pay benefits borrowers to Rafidain Bank is the main factor behind to stop the process of granting Sfatta five million per cent salary, pointing out that the bank relies heavily on recycling benefits charged by financial beneficiaries who have been granted such amounts to be Tzlifaa to new employees, but that stalled the payment of such benefits led to halt the process of credit at the moment, also stressing that the suspension came as a result of a failure to approve the budget until now , which caused not know the size of the investment projects which the bank can accept them during future periods as well as the non-allocation of certain amounts for credit purposes and for the same reason, noting that the bank is seriously seeking to activate the process of recovery of the amount, interest lender
staff after deliberately involve a number of inspectors general and general managers in order to help activate the payment process, saying that the ministries of interior and defense ministries are preparing more troubled in the payment of interest on the loans granted to employees.
And draw Alckheon to that confidence now heading towards dealing with government banks, whether by formal institutions or by citizens, businesses and investors, attributing this to the acquisition of State-owned banks accounted for 92 percent of the Iraqi monetary bloc, which size that did not inform him of dealings with the private banks, and sees Alckheon that the volume of previous failures suffered by the private banks can not constitute an obstacle for not handled by the government institutions, calling for legislation of a number of laws that can be
do the work of the banking system in general, public and private,
And between Alckheon process restructuring of State-owned banks are in the final stages, the Executive Committee was held several meetings and will submit its recommendations to the Supreme Committee to ratify it, saying to seek the adoption of universal banking system, which could develop the work of government banks and promotes
them to the ranks of international banks, pointing out that the last complete this project is the reluctance of the executing company, called for the adoption of another company for the same purpose.
Iraq has embraced the weekend Baghdad Economic Forum and banking, which lasted two days, and participated in it as well as the Union of Arab Banks, a large number of specialists and bankers Iraqis and Arabs, has left many of الوصيات notably activating cooperation between banking Arab countries, and to seek the development of banking and upgrading them to the highest level and the introduction of modern mechanization, and drew participants during the forum, which was attended by the (morning) to the importance of cooperation between all the Arab countries in the field of the development of banking, as well as demanding passage of the laws of and pour the welfare legislation work of private banks, which emphasized by the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks and Sam Fattouh when warned during his speech that the economic situation will worsen during future periods as a result of the global economic crisis, calling on Arab banks to take further measures to counter what object methods provided and increase their capital, especially the fight against corruption, unemployment and money laundering, pointing out that Iraq is a rich country is able to bring more investment companies thanks to the great efforts made by the government with the aim of developing economic reality in general and banking in particular, and expressed Fattouh Arab banking system ready to provide various kinds of support to Iraq in order to revive the investment situation, announced achieving rates of gross domestic product in the country 132 billion dollars last year, expected to rise, to the extent of $ 154 billion during the current year, noting that Statistics owned by the Union of Arab Banks expect to achieve Iraq's high growth rates have not notified by any of the countries the world this year, pointing out that these statistics approached the limits of 14.7 percent.

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