BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq signals informed and close to the government and the Iraqi parliament sources said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi will present its candidates for vacant ministries names early next year for a vote after waiting long, have not been resolved nominate qualified minister because of political differences between the major blocs , which objected to someof the characters high .msaol informed , asking not to be named intention Abadi provide candidates to the parliament before the middle of January next year , in 2017 to be authenticated by Iraqi lawmakers in parliament , the first of any month of the year without mentioning the reasons why alAbadi to this official , the Altojer.obhsp candidate of the Ministry of Commerce is Qutaiba al - Jubouri, while nominated Qasim al - Araji of the Badr Organization , the Ministry of Interior, and went and the Ministry of Industry to the character of the Turkmen component, appears to be the favorite to take over the post of defense minister is Major General Hisham al - Darraji candidate of Accord Party , which is led by Vice President Iyad Klari.ivkr Qutaiba al - Jubouri , that is one ofthe friends Saleem al - Jubouri and accused of corruption and involvement came candidacy of Nuri al - Maliki.