Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed to the Committee on Energy and member of the parliamentary oil Zaher al - Abadi, Monday, sending the letter to the Council of Ministers to approve oil and gas inactivated law 10 years ago, accusing political blocs to derail approval of the law to achieve "personal interests." A member of the committee MP Zaher al - Abadi in a press statement today: " The Commission has sent about a month before the book to the Cabinet asking him to put some amendments, if any , on oil and gas law , currently before the House of Representatives for a vote." Abadi said that " the oil and gas law is one of the most important laws in Iraq 's political history can not be ignored approval is also trying some political parties for personal selling oil outside the administration for the country 's interests." He pointed out that " the law needs to activate the national public oil company to manage the oil file in the country before the enactment of the law , which is working on it now." He continued that "the law will go to a first reading to force political parties to vote after the legislative recess."