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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    The report of the Office of Financial Supervision (23)

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    The report of the Office of Financial Supervision (23) Empty The report of the Office of Financial Supervision (23)

    Post by day dreamer Wed 16 Jan 2013, 11:09 pm

    The report of the Office of Financial Supervision (23)

    17-01-2013 (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad / term
    * The Ministry of Communications and formations work without an annual plan and programs for the implementation of the plans

    I got the "long" the full text of the report of the Office of Financial Supervision in 2011, which will be presented to the reader countless surprises through the rings. The Bureau of the oldest institutions of the Iraqi state which distributes copies limited each winter for its annual report on fiscal spending witnessed all government departments during the previous year. In this report, a unique advantages, the first being that it reveals information level disaster Diary state departments all, a show into the open for the first once being displayed legal language and professional audit and review meet and comparisons include previous years. second advantage that he did not issue against the ruling party, or against another block, but his books crew staff and find wide acceptance, and respected by the Prime Minister himself. The third advantage is that the BSA can through his powers of that up is documented to most of the information can not reporting accessible with this access right to him in a democratic system, but is deprived of access to this information to Parliament. Said the annual report to the Cabinet and also will notice Reader, involves substantial explicitly, it serves as a senior Iraqi recognition of the absence of the state in the terrifying details led us to these poor conditions.
    The state, through this report, acknowledges that within large areas of "non-state", and these spaces begin serious circles as a Council of Ministers, and does not end when the smallest village, as seen Followers of these episodes.

    We will discover in turn that we have the full story of the Iraqi state in 2011, or "The Story of non-state in Iraq," if you like.

    Ministry of Communications

    And below the most important indicators and comments received: -

    A - the role of the ministry in supervising the formations

    First - not the ministry to prepare the annual plan it and formations affiliate programs to implement the plans are still the role of the ministry is limited in the development of plans and policy and contribute to the revitalization of telecommunications and private telephone and the expansion of Internet services has been limited to the preparation of project plans the investment budget and monitor its implementation and preparation of periodic reports proportions achievement with weak supervisory role of the Ministry of the formations and particularly with regard to financial achievement rates for investment projects and follow-up of the appropriations to the Trade Bank of Iraq and conduct reconciliations and corporate accountability for the reasons for the low rates of implementation.

    Second - there is no department technician communication activities in the ministry, in coordination with the Department of Planning and Follow-up and formations ministry to determine the specifications and technologies needed to modernize the infrastructure to keep pace with global developments in the field of telecommunications, where it was observed not run Exchanges (NGN), which provides multimedia services (VOIC-VIDEO- INTERNET) and that you need to messaging system data (IP) that delayed contracted and installed and therefore did not benefit from these allowances in addition to the lack of coordination networks to update and replace the entire optical cable network.

    B - investment budget

    First - the headquarters of the ministry

    the low exchange rates on projects implemented by the ministry, ranging from (0.094% -68%) of the amount of customization, has asked the Board of Supreme Audit to intensify efforts to make the most of the financial allocations in the investment budget.

    (2) حص
    get overrun in exchange for allocations of capacity-building project of $ (261) million (two hundred and sixty one million dinars), and the inquiry about the reasons for overtaking the Ministry responded that he will continue to finance and assignments with the Department of Planning to avoid this in the future.

    there are differences in the amounts installation expenses in the statements of both the Department of Planning and Follow-up and administrative and financial department and we include for example: -
    Project Name
    Administrative Service statements and financial / MTD

    Statements of the Department of Planning and Follow-up / MTD

    Teams / MTD

    Which requires the need for coordination between the two circles by making matches between them for the purpose of uniting all of the data in order to control them.

    Secondly - a decrease in execution rates of investment projects for the year / 2010 by the General Company for services the international network of information as was annual allocation for the year / 2010 (25) billion dinars (twenty five billion dinars), while the amounts disbursed (1993) million dinars (one billion, nine hundred and ninety-three million dinars) and by the implementation of (8%), which requires use of customizations.

    C - postal affairs

    First - there is a difference in the amounts disbursed to citizens under the bills of exchange and a table raffle organized by the office of Diyala, as in the examples below: -

    Secondly - differential amount in the citizen card for the amount installed in support of exchange and we include for example the following: -

    Number and date of voucher

    The amount in the bill of exchange / MTD

    The amount on the card / MTD

    The request BSA investigation concerning the above observations.

    D - Revenue

    First - reached the outstanding debt and unpaid owed Etisalat subscribers and mail / Diyala as on 31/12/2009 and the phone's ground for the private sector and government departments amount (5318) million dinars (five billion, three hundred and eighteen million dinars), which requires follow-up obtaining amounts due owed subscribers.

    Secondly - delayed the General Company for Post & Telecommunications claim mobile phone companies to amounts owed for rental infrastructure of the company, where they were issued written claim of the General Company for Post & Telecommunications did not pay dues Upon inquiry from the legal department of the company for actions regarding the failure of the mobile phone company to pay dues the answer was that he was to instruct a notary company for the purpose of a formal warning to those companies and below the amounts owed by mobile phone companies: -

    The request of the Office of Financial Supervision need to accelerate to urge companies to pay what Bzmtha and application of the law to collect government debt (56) for the year / 1977.

    E - Contracts

    First - exaggeration in determining the costs of some speculative purchases of the company's projects General for Communications and E compared contractual Bembalgha and as in the examples below:
    Secondly - the failure of the General Company for Post & Telecommunications announce some tenders, but were invitations directly while it is not a nature specialist or require secrecy violation of Article (4 / IV) of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts (1) for the year / 2008 and also in the examples below : -
    Third - the lack of updated study on costs speculative to some nodes in order to use as a measure when analyzing tender and awarding contracts in violation of Article (3 / I - b) of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts (1) for the year / 2008, where the company depends Public Telecommunications and E in determining costs speculative the application form of a draft submitted by the beneficiary of us usually includes information about the project, including the total cost of the contract.

    Fourthly - holding company for Post & Telecommunications No. (25 / Purchases / 2010) in 12.29.2010 concluded with morning Contracting (Iraqi nationality) for creation of complex communications and mail Hungary great - Maysan amount (425) (four hundred and twenty-five million dinars) The implementation period (148) days starting from the day following the receipt of the location where the Company did not prepare ESTIMATED COST Committee recommended bids and analyze allocation to the House Arabs amount (3939) million (three hundred and ninety-three million dinars) and ratified the Central Committee on the recommendation and then canceled its decision because ESTIMATED COST prepared after the opening of tenders The tender was announced in 13/4/201 and re-advertised for the second time in 29/9/2010 prices have been revealed where it was noted there are differences in the amounts of bids submitted for the second time knowing that he has referred the contract over $ referral first by (32) million dinars (thirty-two million dinars).

    And - the results of the audit and control customization on the rehabilitation of a building good connections.

    First - referral and contracting

    The General Company for Post & Telecommunications referral business tender (rehabilitation of the building) on ​​the company Alfacunselt amount (15 992) million (fifteen million, nine hundred and ninety-two million dinars), a company specializing in business communications and e-despite the fact that most of the business to be implemented is construction and mechanical, note that a committee analysis of tenders awarded a technical evaluation of (92%) from the rest of the competition.

    Secondly - Advisory Services Contract

    Did not provide the National Center for Engineering Consultancy Services Advisory required by the contract with him to facilitate the implementation phases of the project as they were not drawings (architectural, structural, electrical) and table quantities contracting stomach in an integrated manner in determining the details of the work, as well as ways to address the structure parts الكونكريتي of floors causing a negative impact on the stages of the Work on the project.

    Thirdly - implementation (1) reluctance company contracting in the implementation of paragraphs work within the contractual period and the (15) months, as well as additional period that was granted to the company contracting the amount of (492) Days which represents (108%) of the contractual term of the project, where the percentage of achievement ( 68%), note that most paragraphs import of the project (system lifts number / 5, and the rest of the system cooling and electrical generators number / 2) and installed in table quantities, which represent the main part of the work of the project has not been processed and work up to the date enumerate the audit report.

    The department issued an order parts for amounts of additional paragraphs work but he noted prices implement amounts businesses that exceed the (20%) of the amount of the original paragraph, reaching three times the price contractual despite high prices contractual originally leading to Download project an extra $ (283) million dinars (two hundred and eighty-three million dinars), which requires taking the necessary action to determine who is responsible for approving these prices and re-evaluated commensurate with the prevailing contractual price and load defaulting responsibility

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