BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , Iraq 's new ambassador to Egypt, Habib Mohammed al- Sadr, said Monday, "There is intelligence cooperation between Iraq and Egypt to fight terrorism" .ozkr Ambassador chest in a press statement today: "Terrorism is a challenge the first Arab countries, there are security cooperation and intelligence between Iraq and Egypt, and the international coalition provides for Iraq air support your child fortresses strongholds of terrorism, as well as supported by training, and Iraqi forces are battling on the ground, and no foreigners fighting alongside Iraqis . "He pointed out that" Iran is the first country rushed to support Iraq after Seen elements Daesh and deployment, and after a quick other countries to help Iraq, and Iran senses that the terrorism that the Iraqis did not fights him with their support on the ground in Iraq, they Stqatlh on its territory, and from this perspective was quick to support Iraq with weapons ".orda to a question about whether Iran 's help Iraq out of concern for the interest of Iraq or out in favor of Iran and its presence in the region? "said the Iraqi ambassador" out Monday, one hand want to pay the evil of terrorism by, on the other hand , Iraq supports being a neighbor country, and do not want this country to be exposed to attacks terrorists and extremists ".onoh to," The relationship between Egypt and Iraq , large and extended an ancient and historic years, and come back for 4 thousand years BC, and the constant communication with the Egyptian government, pointing out that Cairo opened its embassy in Baghdad , despite the difficult circumstances that Iraq is going through . today, Egypt and Iraq are close to each other more than ever. "