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Parliamentary Finance: The economic situation is very dangerous .. !! - Sat 04 Apr 2020, 4:24 pm

Thanks Wci     I hope its  [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]  exchange the rate of Dinar.[You must be [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to see this image.]

Bill O’Reilly Is Back In A ‘BIG’ Way (At Least According To Bill O’Reilly) - Sun 29 Dec 2019, 4:21 pm

Bill O’Reilly Is Back In A ‘BIG’ Way (At Least According To Bill O’Reilly)

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Ex-Fox Newser Bill O’Reilly is back and better than ever.
Just ask him.

Breitbart News has a special advertisement for him that has him gushing about himself.
There’s actually a reason O’Reilly, 70, is humble-bragging (light on the humble). He has a new book out called The United States of Trump: How The President Really Sees America. The book is comprised of two interviews with President Trump, which includes one on Air Force One. There are also two interviews with Donald Trump Jr. 
If you’re not salivating right now, I’m not sure what’s going to get you there.
On Sept. 17 (this is tomorrow) at 1 p.m. he’s hosting “The Great American Wealth Project.” The goal? To achieve a seven-figure portfolio, as quickly, safely, and easy as possible.”

Safety is always good when trying to get rich fast.
Once you “reserve your spot” in this presentation, you’ll also “position yourself” to buy his new book for free. Wow, how thoughtful of him. (RELATED: Bill O’Reilly Faces Backlash From Meghan McCain Over ‘Ghoulish’ Ginsburg Tweet)
The ex-cable news host doesn’t have a self-esteem problem. Or else his ego is possibly wildly out of control. But let’s give him the benefit or the doubt and go with the former scenario.
Here is just a sampling of O’Reilly’s latest boasts:

  • I’m the #1 best-selling nonfiction author of all time.
  • He’s the “top-rated cable television host of all time.”
  • It’s my best piece of writing for all time.

In 2017, Fox News showed O’Reilly the door after a bunch of sexual harassment lawsuits against him came to light. He has always denied the allegations. His latest gig is hosting a No Spin Zone podcast.
As the “ME” culture goes, O’Reilly has truly outdone himself.
Better than his probably boring new book, if you haven’t seen Bill O’s three-part interview with Howard Stern, it’s a must watch .

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KTFA Monday Night CC 1-7-19 contracts, at 1 to 1 to the USd - Thu 17 Jan 2019, 10:30 am

[size=26][size=24]KTFA Monday Night CC 1-7-19-  [/size]

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[size=18]Part 2:

Frank26:  We continue with our study of the Iraqi Dinar. All of this is in my opinion. And we now incorporate taxes and tariffs which has been a hot topic lately with the Government of Iraq. And taxes and tariffs are definitely a part of  the Government of Iraq’s obligations to the IMF. 
Let me ask you a question: which would you rather see right now? The lifting of the 3 zeros electronically? Or the application of the taxes and tariffs?

I like what I am reporting to you tonight IMO. Because after the RI the Ts & Ts will adjust themselves. And by the way, the taxes and tariffs that are hot right now that we have presented to you in articles, those have been in existence for many years  in Iraq  So don’t get confused.
These taxes and tariffs are additional for the imports and the exports but, these T’s and T’s have now been assigned international code numbers. OK? I mean in just those 30-40 seconds of what I just told you there is a lot of power.

I encourage you if you want to learn more, then Google “Tariff Tables of Iraq”. And note it is not the assigning of the taxes and tariffs that is an issue because they have tax code numbers now. It is thecollection of these taxes that is difficult because the citizens do not have the true purchasing power in their currency at a Program Rate to afford these taxes. OK?
What we have presented to you tonight is an Int’l bridge with Iraqi private banks and banks around the world in order to bridge Iraq to the global international world.
Because internationally, these contracts, at 1 to 1 to the USd have accomplished the NEER  Let me repeat that. This bridge is to bring Iraq’s private banks into the global international world because internationally these contracts internationally at 1 to 1 with the American dollar have accomplished the NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate) of Iraq. And you know what that is because we have studied it many times.

They have bridged the REER (The real effective exchange rate) of the IQD into the global markets!!!

So IMO on the 30th of Dec of last year when they electronically lifted the 3 zeros before the ending of 2018 it has not yet been done internationally…yet! But the bridge, and the Chamber of Commerce and all the evidence we’ve given you already…that bridge is up!  They have to just cross it now. 
These contracts of my friend in the form of the IQD came first. They were presented inside Iraq to businesses to offer jobs to the citizens electronically. Isn’t that brilliant! They have not lifted the three zeros physically. They have lifted them electronically!!!
Now they simply need to tell the rest of the world…the rest of the investing world that wants to come into Iraq and rebuild them that they did so! And,... to physically give the citizens of Iraq what we call the 2ndarticle containing the pictures of the new small category notes and the fils along with the instructions of where to get these new small category notes and fils, the information of their new currency rate, the information of the currency reform and the ATM instructions along with more information to the citizens. It must not fail in the hands of the citizens! 

Because the bridge of the IQD to leave Iraq internationally has been built and tested and it is sitting there waiting to be announced!
What did Trump and Mahdi talk about in the last week of December of 2018? Well maybe they talked about the Iraqi budget at 1 to 1. Maybe they talked about a new government. And by the way what new government? I mean it’s there but it has not been officially announced. Just like Article VIII. It’s there but its not officially announced.
IMO when Trump comes to visit it’s always about the benjamins. It’s always about the C-note always about money. Whatever else did he talk about with Mahdi and whoever else was in that meeting with him just before year’s end. What do you think!

​Yes Trump surprised the world. He didn’t surprise you. You’re a student with us aren’t you! But Trump took the initiative to go directly to see Mahdi in person before year’s end. And then on the 30th electronically the three zeros were lifted on those contracts with my friend’s firm. Soon I will tell you about other firms.
Yes indeed at the Kuwait conference in February of 2018 Allak promised to protect the investors’ money, freedom of their currency. We now have just that! We have freedom of capital in Iraq that is soon to be shown with international standards of Article VIII! Then from these contracts at a 1 to 1 rate paid in IQD with permission to leave Iraq’s borders   and to be safely deposited in a foreign bank outside of Iraq with no restrictions on their currency, on their funds, with their money protected with no restrictions of movement internationally with no fear of having someone steal it in the CBI or GOI . With no fear of losing their profit!!!
Ladies and gentlemen the private banks of the CBI in Iraq are soon to be born in the United States of America! I pray to God you heard what I just said! We are walking into a new phase. Pay close attention. There are banks as you already know because of what we’ve mentioned tonight in the United States and some around the world that are internationally mirrored with Int’l standards with the private banks of Iraq. The USA as you saw the article has many banks that are mirrored internationally with the private banks of Iraq.
Ladies and gentlemen, I now wish to tell you the CBI (Central bank of Iraq) is going to have satellites of their private banks in the USA.  

I know that in his 8 years of Obama he made it impossible for you to deposit any foreign currency in an American bank. He made it a law. OK. No problem so here’s what we are going to do. We are going to go ahead and only allow you, American citizens, to deposit American dollars in our American Banks.
So when they cross that bridge (they are Article VIII) you know when that Article VIII bridge  becomes solid then, what you do American banks, .you accept those wire transfers from private banks in Iraq and you convert those dinars into American dollars at whatever rate is at that moment. You will never see a rate of 1 to 1 !!!
Ladies and gentlemen, the CBI right now has one bank that is ready to go! You will have the option to go into an American Bank and deposit and wire transfer your dinars from Iraq and have them sent to an American bank and have them converted into American dollars. And thank you for being international. It’s about time!!!
But, what if I don’t want to convert my Iraqi dinars into USD’s. Not right now! What’s the rate?  $2.20 something? I’d  rather wait. What are you going to do with your dinars? Well I understand that there are now satellite banks of the CBI on American territory. Well I’ll just go into one of those banks and deposit my Iraqi dinars in your satellite bank here that represents the CBI. Can I leave them as IQD’s? Yea. Well thank you! And when I want to take them out I can take them out? Of course! And then I’ll put them in my American bank and they will be converted at what ever rate exists at that time into American dollars. Right? Right!! OK! Ladies and gentlemen you will never see a 1 to 1 rate!!!
American banks in the USA will say “hey we’re cool. We can safely accept the IQD and convert it electronically to USD’s no problem”. Go back about an hour ago. What did I say? In the near proximal future, my friend will be able to do this. Now you know why. There’s one bank that’s ready.  But I’m not going to tell you where it’s at. In fact there’s another bank that’s just about ready from the CBI satellite banks that will be in the USA. I don’t know how many. If I was to give a ball park number it might be about a dozen of them scattered throughout the USA. And more than likely they will be in the 48 continental states.

So, in taking inventory of our study for tnight: #1We just need to have them announce that they are article VIII. Because they are using International standards. And they have used Article VIII tools to maintain the 2% compliance. Does this all make sense to you?
We are taking inventory of what we have studied so far

#1 Article VIII: Please announce it!

#2 You are using Int’l standards in many ways out of Article VIII—not just the 2% compliance.

#3 Private Iraqi banks are going to be in the USA.  Really? Wow!

#4 In a short term date,  they will tell the world what they did on Dec 30th of 2018? Yes!!!

#5 How can we tell you this right now? Because these contracts have been publicly assigned to my friend’s firm to fulfill.

If you don’t have our teams then you are going to see some other things on the internet. Therefore this opinion is already released. We are beyond blessed to have my friend’s study because no one on the internet has a friend like mine. We are not ahead of the curve. We are blessed with the truth.
This conference call is the definition and implementation of Article VIII. Now, announce it please! Are my teams disappointed that they did not see the lifting of the 3 zeros physically? And, instead, saw it electronically on December the 30th?  No. Why not? Because my teams know they did it electronically and they hold the proof in contractual form and they are motivated  to help you understand all of this.  We just had to be quiet for a while until it was the right time.
To the child with chocolate all over his face. Tell me, what did you do? What are you eating? Nothing. Tell me. That’s where we are at right now.
#1 They are soon to  tell you that they are done internationally that they are dealing with contracts at 1 to 1.

#2 That they have reached the NEER. And

#3 that they are only using IQD’s in their country not USDs any more.

#4 that they are Article VIII. That they will announce Article VIII is the next step

#5 and the dinar will leave the country safely and all on international standards and

#6 REER because they have the Real Effective Exchange Rate of the Iraqi dinar.

And by the way congrats to the person who figured out what the “T” meant “even in the shadows of the 101 degrees. The “t” was missing wasn’t it. 1 (t)o 1. That’s what that was all about.
I like the fact that there is another party involved, my friend’s firm! Involved with the monetary reform and its reflected in the contracts of my friend. Domestically, yes for now.  But that is the order, that is the command, the fashion in country reinstatement for the citizens, internationally a revaluization. You see the process is from banks to corporations to the citizens 
Based on what I shared this evening I ask you this: Would you go into a contract  with someone who couldn’t pay you back? It’s a simple sentence but it’s a very deep thought.  Do you think my friend’s firm is going into 240 contracts under the understanding they will not be paid back? No. Because the contract says 1 to 1. Do you understand that this is a contract. Have you seen any? 240 just in my friend’s firm. These are binding K’s and they are solid because they are backed especially from the Gov’t.  Pretty interesting isn’t it!
240 contracts are a lot of contracts at a new RI rate.. And as I said they have gone from the NEER (Nominal effective Exchange rate) to the REER (Real effective Exchange Rate). Soon it will be announced publicly at a rate of 1 to 1 because these calculations have been done, tested and approved. But above all they have been built on Int’l standards. 

​And you have the article from the US Chamber of Commerce. And the extra information we gave you from the Chamber of Commerce from Iraq today. Admitting literally “OK…the answer is Yea we can take care of you and you can have freedom of capital movement.” REALLY?
That e-mail from the Iraqi chamber of Commerce only validates   and backs up my friend’s firm’s contracts and what has happened with them. This is public knowledge now. And the only reason we know about these contracts is because we have my friend. If not we would be just like any other site just giving opinions that sometimes just don’t make sense.
We are talking about a new phase of the monetary reform to lead the country of Iraq. The reinstatement in writing going legal on it because of a binding contract is to be upheld. The Gov’t put the reinstatement in legal terms with these contracts. A legal commitment at one to one. If they don’t pay and fulfill they forfeit this commitment. And if that’s the case then we are back to the same old same old but we don’t see that. We looked hard for failure. This is a new phase of the monetary reform. It is a legal binding requirement for Iraq to fulfill all these contracts at one to one with the IQD and the American dollar.
I guess you could say lesson learned from the Kuwait conference. Because something like this has actually been done before. But the difference is they did that with the investors at the Kuwait conference last yearto come in before they did anything to prove to them that they would be paid at  one to one. I am extremely happy without a doubt. I have an easel board over her if we have to draw this out but I think you’ve got the gist of it.
So… what about other firms in Iraq?  Besides my friend’s firm. Did they get any contracts? By the way before I answer that just recently of the 240 contracts another 34 more contracts were offered to them so it’s way past 240 now. IMO other contracts were signed by other companies and IMO and they are probably within the 30-60 days with terms. And IMO those terms would probably start for them on these new contracts on the 13th of January, 2019.
Now the details of these other contracts with these other firms is unknown to us. We believe that they are at 1 to 1. And we believe they are being paid in IQDs. The same way almost 300 contracts have already been offered to my friend’s firm.  These contracts are pouring in now because they are needed to rebuild Iraq. And if you are a student and watching very carefully reading these articles with us you are understanding that they are rebuilding this country right now.
And the significant thing is the GOI is making a commitment to these legally binding contracts. They are signing contracts. They are signing a boat load of contracts said my friend. And they are starting with firms inside Iraq to offer jobs to the citizens which is only logical. Yea all the other contracts are probably at 1 to 1 but we don’t know. And they are probably 30 days and not so much 60 days out. They are probably very similar to those my friend’s firm has.

Can I tell you something else? IMO they already told you remember it was a four year plan to try to be 1 to 1 with the American dollar. IMO the budget of 2019 is probably at 1 to 1. IMO I believe the 2019 budget is using more than the 1 to 1 rate. I believe that they are using a multiple of different rates based on the fact they are about to go international.

And the reason IMO is because you have provinces, mayors of different villages and  towns that  needed specific  things done, allocated in the budget.  And these agreements were not done all at once! They were done over the whole year of last year. Which .  brought up different rates in the budget of 2019. Once again it covers many projects  in many provinces but once again a projection of what they intended to do  before the end of 2018.
IMO we may start to see a rise in the IQD locally. You’ll never see 1 to 1. From  1190 I believe we are going to start to see a rise locally and hopefully just go straight to 1 to 1. But I believe it will be due to the sanctions on Iran. Because they will not be using the USD any longer. And we believe it will give the IQD growing room locally inside of Iraq. This makes sense doesn’t it?
So if you see this from the supply and demand of the IQD inside of Iraq then we are being successful with the reinstatement of the IQD. Then the citizens will also see a rise in their local currency, (i.e. purchasing power). Now let’s ask a question together. Frank, is this purchasing power that you think you are going to see soon inside Iraq is this the purchasing power Shabibi promised them? You know an increase from the 1190 to go up a little bit? The answer is “no”. It’s the start of it.
There is a lot of talk and my friend and his firm is hearing it. A lot of talk in Iraq. Actually this talk occurred a long time ago all into last year. But because of the calculations that were successful in lifting the three zeros electronically and proved by the CBI the talk I am about to tell you is nothing to worry about. It’s very interesting what I am about to tell you. I apologize I am throwing so many things at you. you’re going to have to listen and take notes and make decisions. I am throwing you a bucketful of things.
Now this talk that was all over the place last year—not only within the GOI but the CBI too. It was bleeding everywhere. There’s lot of talk saying in fact you have an article –Samson brought it into our forum five days ago Post # 161. Go back and find it because I’m not posting any more articles in our final article thread. For a reason! But that post had a quote that said “It’s wrong to compare the IQD to a lesser valued currency.” Oh, really? YEA!  What’s the matter with you, CBI and GOI?  “We don’t like the basket of currency!”
What currencies are you going to have in there? “We don’t want to tell you”. Fine. It’s not like we care. You’re going to be pegged to the American dollar. “Hey! We don’t like that either!”   What? Why you ungrateful little…. Go outside and get a stupid stick so I can hit you with it! What do you mean you don’t like the fact that you are soon to be one to one with the American dollar. What’ya talking ‘bout Willis!

And it turns out they don’t like the basket. They don’t like the currencies that are in the basket. And #2 they are very concerned that the IQD is “priced” (that’s what they call it over there) is pegged to the American dollar. Why you ungrateful little…Why does that bother you? Because if we remain pegged to the USD after the reinstatement of the IQD well we are concerned that the IQD will be of more value vs the American dollar. You know for a REER (a Real Effective Exchange Rate) . They cannot be pegged to the USD.because we believe that the IQD will have more value than the USD  very soon. And after the reinstatement (RI) is released well we simply fear it will retard the value of our IQD.
OK let me get this straight, you pompous ass!  You’re telling me you don’t want the IQD to be pegged to the USD because you know damn well your currency is about to go up in value and internationally and probably supercede the American dollar and you’re afraid  we are going to drag you down in value? You’re afraid we are going to retard the process of the revaluization of your currency internationally? (Laughter). OK. Fine. Drop the USD for all I care! (More laughter). And also don’t bother telling us what currencies you are going to peg to in the Middle East basket. Because in all honesty, a higher rate for the IQD vs the USD is only good for us invested in the IQD!
Yea. Middle Eastern attitudes. Ya gotta love ‘em! I personally hate them. By the way this has all been calculated like I told you at the beginning when I started this topic. This has all been calculated and figured out long ago by the CBI and the Fab Four (the IMF, World Bank, US Treasury and Donald Trump)! These two concerns we just talked about the basket and the IQD pegged to the USD—this concern is LOUD in Iraq by those that are just simply not informed yet of the trueness of the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar engineered by Dr Shabibi and the Fab Four.
These are just people that should just keep their mouth shut. They don’t know what they are talking about. They might as well be Dinar Gurus on the internet. So these people that are complaining (like Maliki and his idiots) should just shut up as they did recently because  they don’t know the CBI’s true intentions on the Middle East currency basket. But IMO, we as investors, are not at all concerned about their concerns. OK?
Now I bring this up to you because you saw this in articles and I want you to understand our point of view—our opinion. And you know what? When you summarize this file they are not arguing about doing a reinstatement. They are arguing, talking and concerned .about “post reinstatement” effects!  (Laughter). Once again, a projection of what their true intentions are. My friend is good with our study not because he is a prophet that sees into the future. But because he lives in the present of the monetary reform!

​So.. a quick summary… a fear of the IQD being paired to a basket of ..oh whatever. A fear that post RI being pegged to the USD would retard the value of the IQD... whatever. These factors have long been determined, calculated and accepted and the key is that they are talking and their talk within the GOI and the CBI is getting louder and louder.

Therefore, IMO, a 1 to 1 in country is something that we, as investors of the IQD, will never see!  (hint: IMO the rate we see will be much higher).
I have 5 minutes before we have our final commercial and right after that our final file. Like you need more!!!! Everything that I have is just a continuing momentum of going straight to the apex of the mountain. So in five minutes let me give you this and when we come back from our last commercial get ready for more.
My friend and his firm were IMO privy to see another contract from another firm—a  friend of theirs. It turns out it is a contract worth 11 million dollars. It is a 90 day contract for service. It’s a contract for those of you who are students and you want to look into this  “Eco Commerce Services”. That’s the category of this 11 million dollar contract that my friend’s friend in Iraq received. And what an eco commerce services is is a platform of tools for the buying and selling of services and goods.
Now here’s the clincher—the powerful part. This 11 million dollar contract which is public knowledge because it’s in their hands it shows a value—not of 1 to 1. It shows a IQD rate of $1.38!!! And if you could see the contract and do the math at $1.38  it comes out to 11 million dollars. These contracts are pouring out at 30, 60, 90 days whatever and they are coming at such a speed IMO they will have to announce what they are doing very soon!
What I shared with you is public but if my friend did not exist or if his firm was not offered these contracts we would not know this! We know this now don’t we!  Maybe they are encouraging themselves to make this announcement very soon of all the subjects I have given you. Think about all of the subjects I have given you tonight. Which one of them do you like?
So the two banks that my friend’s firm has in Baghdad (and other Iraqi banks that have twinned with US banks) we want you to know it’s all tested! What’s “tested”? Ladies and gentlemen I would like to talk to you after our final commercial about something called RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).
We are now headed to the end of our conference call. The last topic tonight are two systems that the Central Bank of Iraq and the Government of Iraq have used. Once of them is called the RTGS system and the other one is called the NEFT. What is the difference between these two? First of all I want you to know these two systems have been and are being used by Iraq.  Now pay close attention. And understand the value of these international standard systems.
The NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) is a real time transfer of transactions in bunches or batches in volume but it’s not done in real time. But now they are using the RTGS real time gross settlement system this is also a transfer of money but it’s not in bunches or batches. It’s ala carte.

Ok so you have this account? Yes I do. You want to send this money where? A bank in the USA. Okey dokey says the Iraqi bank. “Go ahead fill out the papers and we will send this one transaction of yours to a bank in the USA because we have the RTGS system and our currency is international”. We can transfer ala carte one at a time. And here’s the nice thing about it. It will be done instantly!!! That’s what RTGS is. And on top of that how much do you want to transfer? A dollar? We can do it instantly!  What if I had  a million dollars? We can do it! Instantly right now!  High volume, low volume it doesn’t matter. We can now transfer it from our banks to other banks outside of our country at any amount any time instantly.
Iraq now has the RTGS and you saw the articles. In fact in those articles Iraq told you “We choose the RTGS system”. Well you can choose all you want but you were told what to do weren’t you!  Shhhh. OK CBI so you’ve decided to use the RTGS system. “Yes so we can transfer in a single transaction either low or high values of volume of the IQD”.  So when we take our IQD’s out of a satellite bank of the CBi where we deposited IQD to have it stay as an IQD deposit --when we take those dinars out of that CBI satellite bank and deposit them into a twin USA bank in America the IQD will be instantly wired to the CBI without any limitations in high or low volume. It is immediately done.
This is a new phase. This whole conference call is a new phase. When you Americans who have dinars when you take them into one of our twin American Banks in America that have been twinned with Iraqi banks internationally we will instantly send that Iraqi dinar immediately to the CBI in either high or low volumes. It will be immediately done.
Wait a minute you mean when I go into an American bank and give them my IQD’s it’s going back to the CBI in Iraq? It’s not going to the US Treasury? Well of course not!  The CBI says we want our three zeros notes back. You already have dinars in your Treasury. This is good!  Well yea the CBI says “we gotta get our stuff together”!  For our note count. For our currency. This is a procedure that all international banks are well aware of. Right now the CBI is concerned about their M-1. M-2, M-3. You cannot blame us! No we cannot blame you. You CBI want yor 3 zeros notes back as quickly as possible to finish the monetary reform!
What are you going to do with those three zero notes? Are you going to put them back in circulation? (laughing) NO!  You’re not are you! NO! We’ve been wanting to collect these for a long time! We collected as many as we could from the citizens but they are stubborn! And they’ve got their little plans, ya know. Good luck to them. But you—investors outside of our country—when you go to one of our mirrored banks that we have established already in the USA and many countries. Yea we are going to receive those notes back to us, the CBI.
The value of my transaction will be wired to the CBI. The CBI then credits the USA twin bank with the transaction value for their customer and then takes the three zero notes physically that were taken to the bank in the United States. They (the twin US bank) does get the value wired electronically instantly from the CBI to the twin American bank but then the twin American bank will take physically those three zero notes from their customer and send it back to us the CBI and then we (the CBI) will remove it from Iraq’s currency circulation. ​

These are accomplished international standards. And, by the way these things we are talking about these systems and mirroring with banks--all of this—it’s all in place with the CBi and with Banks around the world. You read about it in those articles! Yep we (the CBI) are  linked up internationally all around the world.   All those that have twinned with Iraqi private banks.
You ask constantly for a date to which I constantly say “I don’t care!” I don’t care about when it happens I don’t care about the rate. I care about the International steps that are in place right now for a reinstatement!
Leave the date and the rate alone! Realize that the RI is no longer alone! Thanks to the President of the United States Donald Trump and the Fab Four. Also in early December which we’ve already talked about remember when the US Treasury met with the CBI. You saw the article.  Also in early December when the US treasury met with the CBI IMO they got an earful! Not of wax. (laughing) they got yelled at. And deservedly so.
Before year’s end on the 30th of December they lifted the 3 zeros electronically on these contracts. And in the very very, near future (whenever that turns out to be) you are going to see the results of this. Because it will be your turn to take advantage of the bridges that have been established with the twinned American banks.
Also I want you to note something. You saw the article about Iran. And that they are lifting three zeros. That’s simply a LOP. And  I’ll tell you this: there is all the reason for the Iranian Rial  to LOP as there is for the IQD  to RD-RV-RI  Hurrah! Wouldn’t you say!
Also there was an article that came out and showed you pictures of the Iraqi dinar in clusters and you said oh look there’s the lower denoms that we have right now! They’re getting rid of them they are showing they are replacing them. No that article was very simply telling you there is a huge business –it’s a big hobby in the Middle East to collect currency. Samples of it. So if you don’t know about that I just thought it was important that I tell you to not pay attention to that article. Ok?
There was another article that caused some concern because you looked at it and you said look it says 50 trillion allocated in the budget for article 140. Well, I’ll be honest with you  I don’t ever recall the GOI doing this before—allocating money for Article 140. Do you understand the seriousness of this! It’s interesting and it may be for the census which would affect not only Article 140 but the HCL (Hydrocarbon Law). Pretty cool huh? It’s all coming together isn’t it! But I do want you to know this allocation has nothing to do with the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar. Okay Dokay?
We are down to our last 15 minutes. And my friend hopes this report to you was beneficial. My friend leaves you with this thought regarding the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar and also regarding our conference call. My friend says “Frank, you don’t build an international bridge to blow it up. You do so to get across”.
By the way “mirroring”—what does that mean? You see this is a process in which International standards and a protocol is established between banks due to the success of a bank platform transfer with money. Maybe the testing of  2nd set of books.
So in our study we have learned of private banks in Iraq mirroring and we’ve learned just now the definition with international standards with banks around the world. And I also don’t want you to forget do you know who else “mirrored”? Do you know who else is “mirrored”?  The Iraqi stock exchange!  Oh Snap! 

 Tink:  1-7-19 CC

Frank26 Videos : Tuesday 7-24-18 "IMF is Stopping ALL Funding of Iraq" - Wed 25 Jul 2018, 4:11 am

[size=24]Frank26 Videos : Tuesday 7-24-18  "IMF is Stopping ALL Funding of Iraq" [/size]


Samson:  FAMILY - Frank wants you to know that this article means that the IMF is stopping all funding to Iraq which means they will have to raise their rate and stop the auctions.

An official source : stop the program of credit readiness between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund

 23rd July, 2018

An official source in the Iraqi government, stop the program of credit readiness signed by Iraq and the International Monetary Fund in 2015 until the formation of the next government

The source, who preferred not to be named for "economy News", said that "the program of credit readiness, which earned Iraq a loan of 5.4 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund stopped until the formation of the next government,"

Adding that "Iraq will begin after the resumption of the program The third review of the Iraqi economy by the International Monetary Fund

He pointed out that "the International Monetary Fund criticized some of the actions carried out by the government during the past years and the latest delay in the House of Representatives in the adoption of the draft budget law for the year 2018 because of political difference   LINK

Chermtg:  Hot diggity dog.....Holy smokes.....YES YES YES PLEASE STOP giving them money. Time to stand on your own to feet...........Thank you Samson Your AWESOMMMMMMME....I'm gonna dance like nobody's

Frank26:  And what did I say would happen once the GOI was seated?      Insert smile LOL
Frank26:  Video #1:

Frank26:  Video #2

Radz n Dadz Sales & Consulting - Thu 28 Sep 2017, 2:19 pm

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Email Me:


Montreal Canadiens - Mon 04 Sep 2017, 8:12 pm

Drouin Should Be #1C
September 4, 2017, 12:09 PM ET [23 Comments]
Brandon Smillie
Montreal Canadiens Blogger • RSS • Archive • CONTACT
The Captain’s Tournament on August 29th, 2017 gave us the green flag on the 2017-2018 Canadiens season and with it came some quotes that have set most Habs fans speculative thinking into overdrive. Well, at least my mine anyways.

Coach Claude Julien stated "Drouin maybe deserves a chance to make a case for playing center, but training camp will help determine a lot of things. You have to let the players show their worth, but it's good to know we have options. He played some of his Junior at center but I want to see him. We're going to give them the chance, see how things work. We have some ideas, we just want to take the time to see them in action at camp.”

Jonathan Drouin was asked about his feelings on playing center as well and said "I played center my last year of Junior, so I don't think I'll be nervous playing there if that's where I end up. There is room at center. Centers are always moving, so if they have speed and good vision, there are more options than on the wing.”

The more I thought about Julien and Drouin’s statements the more it seemed like the Canadiens had hoped this would be Drouin’s role with the club this season. Habs needed a center but dealt top prospect Mikhail Sergachev for Drouin, a Left or Right Winger who last played center during his junior career. The move was met with mixed reactions, as is every move the Canadiens make, but most were quite happy to add an emerging, young talent like Drouin to the roster. It was widely presumed that he would be playing one of the wings, but I'm thinking that Drouin at center was the plan all along and it makes all the sense in the world.

Drouin has the skill, vision, and hands to be a excellent center but he will have to improve on last years face-off numbers (43.6%, 220 draws). While his numbers are from a relatively small sample size, they are still bad in this regard. However, one has to consider that a player with the skill and drive of Jonathan Drouin could certainly learn, and grow into a more competent face off man. Consider that most people agree that Jack Eichel has top 10, and perhaps top 5, NHL point potential and was one the NHL’s elite talents upon his return from a high ankle sprain last season. No one would complain if he was the Canadiens #1 Center. His face-off percentage was 47.8% and I doubt many are concerned about that.

If the intention from the start for Bergevin and Co. was for Drouin to take the reins at center ice then theres no question the goal is for him to develop into the number one role. This would take the pressure of Galchenyuk to handle the tough assignments and his transition to 2nd line C could finally happen. With less pressure, and a player like Danault on his LW who can jump in when the line may be mismatched at a draw and play responsibly when on the wing, Galchenyuk may have enough insulation to keep him in the role through tough stretches.

In saying this I’m going to present my revised projection of the Canadiens lines and encourage all of you to dissect it in the comments section.

Pacioretty Drouin Gallagher
Danault Galchenyuk Lehkonen (Galchenyuk/Danault can interchange)
Byron Plekanec Shaw
Hudon Mitchell/Holland Hemsky


HockeyBuzz Hotstove - Wed 09 Aug 2017, 7:37 pm

Top-5 wingers in the Western Conference?
August 9, 2017, 11:36 AM ET [117 Comments]
HockeyBuzz Hotstove
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Follow me on Twitter @ToddCordell

In this edition of the hotstove, we rank the top-5 wingers in the Western Conference.

Todd Cordell

1. Vladimir Tarasenko (STL)

Tarasenko has the power, speed, and skill combination teams dream about and is one of the most dynamic players in the league. As good as he is, I think he may still have another gear.

2. Blake Wheeler (WPG)

Wheeler is one of the NHL's most underrated stars. He consistently piles up points at a high-end rate, plays in all situations, drives possession, and gets little talk despite that. He may not be as flashy as a guy like Kane, but he's a far more well-rounded player.

3. Patrick Kane (CHI)

I don't think Kane is great without the puck, and he has benefited from sheltered zone starts, but it's pretty hard to argue with 195 points over the last two seasons.

4. Jamie Benn (DAL)

Benn is the total package. He's physical, he has a big shot, he scores goals in bunches, and he's a very effective playmaker. By his standards, 2016-17 was a down year but I have no doubt he'll bounce back.

5. Johnny Gaudreau (CGY)

He's extremely skilled and tough to contain because of his speed and elusiveness, which leads to a lot of magical plays. Like Benn, his counting totals weren't as good as expected in 16-17 but he is a good bet to bounce back.

Honorable mentions: Filip Forsbergand Patrik Laine. Forsberg is only 22 and has averaged 30 goals and 62 points over the last three seasons while posting remarkably good possession numbers. Laine's defensive game needs work but he is just 19 and already one of the best pure goal scorers in the NHL.

James Tanner

The best wingers in the Western Conference:

1. Blake Wheeler - Between 60-80 points for six straight years, never misses a game, guarantee between 20-30 goals, tons of 5v5 points.

2. Patrick Kane - Art Ross winner, consistent scoring, one of the best players in the league.

3. Patrik Laine - he probably doesn't deserve to be this high, but his potential is insane and I'd probably want him as the corner stone of my franchise over anyone on this list.

4. Nino Niederreiter - Elite defense and scores at a 5v5 clip worthy of any first line. Signed to arguably the best team-friendly contract in the NHL.

5. Vladimir Tarasenko - One of the most exciting players to watch. I would not argue against ranking him higher. All these guys are so awesome that you could probably rank them in whatever order you wanted, and you could even put in Jamie Benn or Johnny Gaudreau and I wouldn't much care.

Peter Tessier

Well, this is group seems far more interesting to me than the Eastern Conference because I know them better. That being said you will probably see a very obvious bias.

#1 Patrick Kane- There might be players people prefer more than Kane but he's been at the top for too long to ignore. Consistently consistent and such a pain to play against.

#2 Vladimir Tarasenko- Guy is an elite scorer who led the western wingers in goals.

#3 Blake Wheeler- what does Wheeler have to do to get some respect from across the league? He's missed 5 games in the last 6 years too not scoring less than 60 points.

#4 Nik Ehlers- coming off his sophomore season he was second for points for LW behind Benn- given his age that's impressive.

#5 Patrik Laine- sure it's full homer mode here but that rookie season on a team that has as many challenges as the Jets was incredible. Laine showed more talent than most gave him credit for and blew past all expectations as an 18-year-old.


The Canadian Dollar Review - Fri 04 Aug 2017, 1:37 pm

COMMENT: #1: Marty,
Thank you for your recent post on the private blog on July 12th.
Socrates had identified the week of July 24th as a key week for a potential high with the two key target areas of resistance at 80.50 and 81.75.
The actual high was 80.62 on July 26th. I am sure that there are some very happy Canadians trading this market with a recent print today at 78.995.
Again, thank you for all that you are doing and we look forward to the future release of the Trader version of Socrates.
Best regards,
COMMENT #2: Mr. Armstrong. You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have tapped into something very important. You forecasts on everything pans out and your computer picks turning points astonishingly. No wonder the big boys call upon you. Nobody else can do this. Your latest call on the Canadian dollar has been stunning.
All the best
REPLY: There is a hidden order the computer can see. It is time to stop the opinions. There is a hidden order out there if you are willing to listen.


Toronto Maple Leafs - Thu 15 Jun 2017, 5:07 pm

Leafs cannot rely solely on free agents signing as a path to improvement
June 15, 2017, 1:56 PM ET [109 Comments]
Mike Augello
Toronto Maple Leafs Blogger • RSS • Archive • CONTACT
For the latest Leafs updates or on Twitter

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been down the road more than a few times of looking for a missing piece or even a savior in free agency.

The pursuit of a #1 center took them hat in hand to the offices of Newport Sports in 2011 to try to get Brad Richards to sign in Toronto and the year-long speculation about wooing Steven Stamkos back to the GTA resulted in the Markham native re-signing with Tampa Bay for eight years.

The selection of Auston Matthews appears to have remedied the need for a top line center for the next 10-15 years, but now the Leafs have to address the hole in their lineup on the blueline. The 2017 free agent class is rather thin after Kevin Shattenkirk and Karl Alzner, so that has teams like Toronto, Buffalo and Edmonton looking to the trade market or to the next two free agent classes for defensive help.

In July 2018, Cam Fowler, Mark-Edouard Vlasic, Mike Green and John Carlson could conceivably reach free agency. The following summer, the contracts of Drew Doughty, Erik Karlsson, Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Ryan McDonagh expire.

The problem is that between now and then, those big names could potentially get locked up to extensions or dealt to teams that have the resources to sign them, so the odds of getting to the open market are remote and even if they reach free agency, there is no guarantee that they will want to sign with Toronto or that the Leafs will have enough cap space to sign them.

.@43_Kadri and @CarltonTheBear are helping raising money and awareness at today's @JoeCarterGolf Classic. #TMLtalk
— Toronto Maple Leafs (@MapleLeafs) June 15, 2017

While the lure of playing for the up-and-coming Leafs may help break down some barriers, there are hurdles that they still need to clear to make Toronto a preferred destination.

“I think all of us Southern Ontario players, we secretly want to play for the Leafs. We have that kind of soft spot.” Doughty said on TSN’s Leafs Lunch. “We would all want to play here, especially with the team getting better and stuff like that, but I think it just always comes down to how hard it would be to live in a city being that big of a celebrity.

I’m spoiled in L.A.,where I walk anywhere I want and not one person’s going to recognize me. If, say, I did for some reason play for the Leafs, I don’t know if I could get used to (the attention) or not. I think that’s the problem why guys don’t sign here.”

It will be the task of Shanahan, head coach Mike Babcock and GM Lou Lamoriello to sell
Toronto to players who have control over their destiny the next few years. Adding a couple key players and complementary pieces could be the difference between being a playoff team and a Stanley Cup contender, otherwise the Leafs will have to rely mostly on developing their own players and acquiring via trade to improve.

ew Montreal Canadiens Writer Candidate #1: Brandon Smillie - Wed 07 Jun 2017, 7:52 pm

New Montreal Canadiens Writer Candidate #1: Brandon Smillie
June 7, 2017, 12:27 PM ET [78 Comments]
Hockeybuzz Hot Topic
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Ek's Note: Hey Habs fans! We are once again holding a contest to find the "Next Great Montreal Canadiens Writer" for Hockeybuzz. This is such a passionate fanbase, and so far we have had great success finding Habs writers out there with great new voices...Eric Engels came from an email sent to me...and now he is full time at Sportsnet. That could be you!

Below you will find the first submission for your consideration. Please make your opinions known in the poll and the comment thread regarding if you would like the writer to be your new reporter. Please be respectful to all writers. It takes guts to put yourself out there. We are looking for unique and interesting voices...people with personality to go along with their knowledge....and also of course, consistency.

Today we start with Brandon Smillie. If you want to be considered, email a sample blog to: eklund at Put "Canadien (or Habs) Writer Submission" in the subject of the email...Thanks! and enjoy today's piece from Brandon...

Canadiens Draft Preview + Memorial Cup Finals observations
Brandon Smillie

Welcome fellow dejected Canadiens fans. The 2017 NHL Entry Draft is right around the corner and I, just like you, am very interested in who the Canadiens will be selecting. It would be too easy to slide in some jabs at Timmins and his crew of scouts performance in the first rounds lately but let's save that for the comments section and jump right into this!

The odds of grabbing an immediate impact player in the draft is typically remote outside of the top 5 picks and downright impossible at the Canadiens current draft position of 25th. So, the importance of the clubs scouting and player development departments is paramount to maintaining a competitive roster and avoiding overpaying through Free Agency.

With these things in mind let's have a look at some of the players that could be available at 25th this summer. I will be using the I.S.S. list provided by for my source of information (

Let's start with #25 on the ISS list, C/LW Lias Andersson. This left side shooting, 18 year old prospect potted 9 goals and 19 points in 42 games for HV71 of the SHL. Typically, the kids don't get big minutes in the SHL so his numbers are actually quite good.

He is listed at 5'11" and 198 lbs so while he's not a towering presence he has a solid frame to build on. His stats in international play is also very encouraging at a showing of 6 goals and 15 points in 17 games.

At 5'11" Andersson is not a huge C but there's always the possibility he gains an inch or so in the next year so he could still be a quality sized C, just not a Jumbo Joe sized C. But when you consider his age and point production in the SHL he could be a sleeper in this draft.

In my opinion, if this player is available at 25 he is a gift.

The next prospect that could be available for Bergevin and Co. could be the 18 year old, right shooting Defenceman Conor Timmins of the Soo Greyhounds. Timmins is ranked at 28 on the ISS list of prospects.

Timmins is a decent sized D man at 6'1" and 183 lbs. He will need to bulk up for NHL duty but 18 year old D usually don't hit the NHL until they are 20 or older anyways so he has more than enough time to work in the gym.

In his second season in the Soo Timmins put up 7 goals, 54 assists in 67 games to lead the team in D scoring. These are very respectable numbers and they stand out even more when you see that the Soo wasn't an overly dangerous offensive team.

Timmins could go anywhere from late first to early second round but if the best offensive options appear to be off the board, picking Timmins would be huge to an already loaded group of Canadiens D prospects (Sergachev, Mete, Juulsen).

The last player I will mention is the 18 year old, right shooting RW from Kelowna Rockets, Kole Lind. Ranked number 24 on the ISS list this prospect led his team in scoring in his second full WHL season with 30 goals, and 57 assists in 67 games. Listed at 6'1" and 187 lbs he's another good sized prospect that needs to fill out but his offensive potential should be enough to look past what he currently lacks in size.

While he isn't the coveted C that the CH have been searching for in the last 20 years, he would be the best forward prospect available, aside from Andersson, and right shooting RW's with skill are also a very valuable commodity.

I would be happy with Bergevin and Timmins selection of any of three listed above as they all represent a mix of good size and great skill. While this draft isn't considered flush with elite talent according to the talking heads on tv and some scouts it's good to remember that the same people recently thought Nail Yakupov was the best prospect available so there can be some surprises.

Realistically, we can all pretend to predict what kids will do with the great opportunities afforded to them after they are drafted but the only ones who have any control over the matter is the kids themselves. The interview portion of the combine is vital as that's the only way a management team can try to understand the intellect and motivations of the prospect and to see if they align with the culture the team is cultivating. It plays a huge part into judging the maturity level of the prospect as well. Underrated part of the process but only to those of us on the outside.

Do you agree with my options for the Canadiens at 25 or do you have your own opinion on who they should select at 25? Please, wrote it in the comments and explain why. This should be a great conversation for this community and I look forward to seeing the comments.

I recently attended two games in the Memorial Cup tournament in my hometown of Windsor, Ontario and would like to congratulate the 2017 Memorial Cup Champions, the Windsor Spitfires.

I had the pleasure of attending the first game of the tourney, a 3-2 Spitfires win over the St John's Sea Dogs led by top Ottawa Senators D prospect Thomas Chabot.

It was a game mostly controlled by Windsor with Sea Dogs G Callum Booth keeping the Dogs from being blown out. I was impressed by Booth's play as the score could have easily been 6-2 but the kid made some huge saves. There was some good flashes of skill by 2018 draft prospect Joe Veleno as well. There is talk he could be a top 10 pick in 2018 so his next season will be worth a follow. The game was mostly controlled by Windsor until the Sea Dogs made it close by scoring 2 in the final few minutes but it was too little too late. The Spitfires roster features a couple of good Canadiens prospects in Mikhail Sergachev and Jeremiah Addison. Sergachev looked like a man amongst boys in this game and was clearly the Spitfires best player. Addison played a strong game, and had a fantastic tournament, and the Spitfires iced a very competitive (and healthy) roster that included Gabriel Vilardi (shout out to his friendly mother that me and some friends were chatting with while tailgating), Sean Day, Jeremy Bracco, Logan Stanley, Logan Brown, and goaltender Michael Dipietro.

The next game I was able to see live was the Memorial Cup final where the host Windsor Spitfires played the stacked Erie Otters club led by top prospects Dylan Strome, Alex Debrincat, and the Raddysh brothers Taylor (F) and Darren (D). This was a hockey game to remember. The play was back and forth with full skill on display. Each team scored once in the first and twice in the second but it was a clutch 3rd Period goal by Aaron Luchuk that sealed the eventual win for the host Windsor Spitfires. This was a high end game that should go down as one of the best finals in recent memory. Both teams left it all on the ice that night and the Windsor crowd showed their appreciation for the display. Sergachev had his work cut out for him that night as Erie had a forward group that could score at will and while he made a couple bad giveaways in the game he was easily the cornerstone of the Spitfires defense and played a great game.

I think it's reasonable to expect Sergachev to begin his 2017-2018 season with a CH on his jersey and I don't think any Canadiens fan should be too upset with that.

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