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MilitiaMan and KTFA Members Thursday PM Articles and comments 2-20-2020 "Go Time" - Fri 21 Feb 2020, 4:13 am

[size=30]KTFA Members "News and Views articles with links" Thursday PM 2-20-2020[/size]
Samson:  Rafidain Bank announces the opening of documentary credits to ministries, traders and private sector companies
02/20/2020 10:14:35
 Al-Rafidain Bank announced the opening of documentary credits to state ministries, merchants and private sector companies with soft commissions.
The bank’s media office said in a statement that the Al Furat News Agency received a copy of it.

He pointed out that "opening the documentary credit for the merchants who carry out the operations of importing and exporting their goods and shipping and taking them out in case they conform to the legal conditions is easy with the bank because the Rafidain Bank is a government agency and therefore the completion of the documentary opening letter of credit is according to quick procedures that differ from other banks."    LINK

Don961:  Al-Khalidi: Next Monday is the date for the parliament session, and the government will pass with a comfortable majority, with 220 MPs intending to vote on it.
Wed 19, Feb 2020 20:46 | Political
Baghdad / Nina / Muhammad al-Khalidi, head of the Bayraq al-Khair bloc, next Monday sets a date for a parliamentary session and said the government will pass by a comfortable majority, with 220 deputies bent on voting for it. / End 3      LINK
Samson:  Registration Now Open for IBBC Spring Conference
19th February, 2020
Tenth Iraq Day at The Mansion House
IBBC Spring Conference 2020
‘Iraq – Open for Business’ 
30 March, The Mansion House, London
This could be the year Iraq gets serious about reform and investment.
For too long, Iraqi Governments have tinkered with reform, but with the protests, a growing population and a new government forming, there is a head of steam demanding change and jobs for young people.
At this time in response, The IBBC Spring Conference, at the Mansion house, is convening the heavyweight players and institutions of Finance, Energy and Governance to articulate what is required for change. All the more important as a high turnout of Iraqi Minsters and Deputies, and UK officials and politicians are expected to attend and contribute to the debate throughout the morning sessions.
During the afternoon, an interactive series of roundtables addressing University, Tech in Iraq, Women’s Group and a special Kurdistan Investment Forum are convening ahead of a reception at Eversheds Sutherland headquarters. For Iraqi businesses an additional day of hosting by the DIT, BEIS and British Chambers of commerce to engage and showcase British services and products for export.
For companies operating in Iraq or considering the opportunities it offers, then this conference is bringing together many of the key decision makers and drivers of finance and the opportunity to talk directly with the key players including:
BP, Shell, World Bank, Kurdistan Investment Authority, Arab bankers association, Ambassador of Iraq, UK Ambassador, Chevron, JP Morgan, National Bank of Iraq, PwC, Jordan Bank, EY, GSMA, and more confirming soon.  LINK
Samson:  A death penalty is passed that confiscates a sum of money deposited from the Diyala Provincial Council at the United Bank for Investment
20th February, 2020
The Baquba Investigation Court affiliated to the Presidency of the Diyala Federal Court of Appeal issued a judicial ruling to withhold a financial sum of (six billion and forty three million four hundred and fifty seven thousand five hundred and fourteen) Iraqi dinars deposited by the Diyala Provincial Council at the United Bank for Investment.
The media center of the Supreme Judicial Council stated in a statement, "Al-Akhbaria" received a copy of it, that "the seized funds were previously collected by the provincial council through the local revenue law issued by it in 2017, because depositing them in private banks is a violation of the general secretariat instructions of the Council of Ministers".
He added that "the court indicated that the seized amount is from the state’s funds and in order to preserve the non-waste of public money and to dissolve the Diyala Provincial Council and to violate the decision to deposit with government banks and present them to the public treasury decided to seize those funds and place a reserve reservation on them and keep them in the United Bank for investment with all the benefits obtained On its deposit, indicating that the status of the precautionary reservation came in accordance with the provisions of Article (184 / A / Fundamentalism).  LINK

Samson:  The US Treasury Department imposes new sanctions on Iran
20th February, 2020
On Thursday, America announced new sanctions against Iranian figures, including Ahmed Jannati, head of Iran's Guardian Council.
Among the Iranian figures that were included in the sanctions were Muhammad Yazdi, a member of the Iranian Leadership Experts Council, Abbas Ali Kadkhadai, Siamak Rahbik, and Hassan Sadagadi Moghaddam.
A note posted on the website of the US Treasury mentioned the names of the Iranian figures.
The US memo stated that punished Iranian officials forbid free and fair elections.  LINK  
Samson:  Video .. A citizen addresses the Minister of the Interior and demands that the border with Iran be closed due to the danger of "Corona"
20th February, 2020
The citizens sent a message to Interior Minister Yassin Al-Yasiri, to close the borders with Iran and prevent travel and reception due to the injury of a number of Iranian citizens to this disease, while activists launched the hashtag #Close_Border_With Iran.    LINK      VIDEO LINK
MoeApollo:  Been reading about this on Twitter. They are REALLY concerned about this. My take is that any oppressive regime can claim a killer virus if they want to obfuscate a type of human purge. Especially since no world agency can come in to inspect the veracity of their claims. Do I see Iran weaponizing the virus or simply using the event?  100% I absolutely do. IMO     May God deal with this accordingly...
PMac:  When the Cabal goes down The IQD goes up  IMO
Samson:  To prevent Corona ... the Maysan government completely closed the gray border crossing with Iran
20th February, 2020
The local government of Maysan announced, today, Thursday, that the border crossing with gray Iran is completely closed to Iran to prevent corona virus.
A brief statement by the government, which had received a copy of "Al-Akhbariya," said that "it was decided to completely close the Al-Shayeb border crossing with Iran."
He added, "The decision to close came as a precautionary measure after the emergence of infections with the Corona virus in the Islamic Republic of Iran," noting that "until now, the period of closure has not been determined."
Al-Ikhbaria obtained a document issued by the office of the Governor of Wasit, Adel Hamza Gharib, titled to the Prime Minister's Office, to close the Zurbatiya outlet to prevent the spread of Corona in Iraq.   LINK

Don961: "Corona" isolates China from the Group of Twenty
- 6 Hours Ago
Officials said that the Central Bank of China and the Ministry of Finance will not send any official to attend the meeting of finance ministers and central bankers in the G20 countries in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.
But a Finance Ministry official confirmed, according to Reuters, on Wednesday, that Chinese representatives to the World Bank in Washington will attend the meeting scheduled for February 22 and 23.
The Curna virus, which killed more than two thousand people in China, caused most confusion, especially in light of the strict measures taken by the authorities to limit the spread of the epidemic, by disrupting the movement of travel and production since the beginning of the last week of January last, until the ninth of February. February, before easing the restrictions imposed after that date.
Official reports show the return of the various productive and service sectors to work gradually, in a move to extract the second largest economy in the world from the corpse of Corona, which paralyzed the joints of life in a few days.
In an important step for the resumption of exports, the Customs Administration of Xinjiang, where the Muslim Uighur community resides, announced the launch of a Sino-European freight train to Poland on Tuesday afternoon.
Since the new Coruna virus outbreak in the middle of last month, most freight trains carrying imports between China and Europe have been suspended or postponed.
According to Xinhua, Wednesday, a Chinese-European freight train, carrying 850 tons of raw cotton, entered China on northwest China's Xinjiang corridor.
Since the beginning of the year, the region has witnessed more than 730 freight trains between China and Europe, export commodities mainly include mechanical and electrical products, clothing and electronic products, while imports mainly include cotton and building materials.
Meanwhile, the State Energy Department said that China had resumed 70.2 percent of its coal production capacity, noting that as of last Monday, 1,274 mines had resumed production throughout the country, with production exceeding 7 million tons for the first time since February 1. According to the administration’s data.
The coal stocks in the country's power plants were sufficient for 26 days of consumption until Monday, while the government pledged to take measures to ensure the provision of coal, electricity and natural gas, with the aim of ensuring stable energy supplies in the severely affected areas including Wuhan in Hubei province, The epicenter of the outbreak in the east of the country.
New Arab     LIN k

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