Baghdad - The 
office of Vice President Nuri al-Maliki denied on Sunday reports that the Vice-President of the Republic was referred to the judiciary on charges of graft, and promised to "mislead" the public opinion, while demanding the institution published by "Apology." 

The spokesman for the office Hisham Rikabi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "what the media reported about the existence of orders or actions against the Vice-President of the Republic is incorrect," stressing that "not received any action or notice by the regulatory or judicial authorities on this subject."

"We respect all regulatory and legal institutions and respect all media institutions, but they must investigate the accuracy of the information from their official sources," he added. 

He called on the institution that published the subject to "clarify the truth and apologize to the public opinion about the state of disinformation caused by," as he put it. 

The newspaper "Al-Sabah" official published on Sunday, a report attributed to the Chairman of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yasiri, stating that the Authority was able to stop the waste and recover nearly two trillion dinars during the current year in its work in the fight against corruption, while drew attention to Vice President of the Republic to judge on charges of " Illegal earning".