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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Edit Qayyarah base baffle militants Daash makes Sharqat "militarily fallen"



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Edit Qayyarah base baffle militants Daash makes Sharqat "militarily fallen"

Post by rocky on Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:48 am

Edit Qayyarah base baffle militants Daash makes Sharqat "militarily fallen"

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Young returned Sharqat, north of Baiji, to wear "jeans" and smoking cigarettes and monument "Satellite" openly on rooftops.These things were in the city to organize Daash punishable by rigidly until recently. 
Change which had taken the city, it was due to confusion after losing organization "Qayyarah" strategic base near Sharqat. The Daash rely on the survival of the military establishment in his hand for several months, before restoring Iraqi forces on Saturday. And veered off thejoint forces, which liberated the air base, a little bit about the way the decree after the revealed parts of themilitary plan last week to surprise Daash inside the air base. He congratulated Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi, during a meeting with anti - terrorism, the Iraqi people as "this victory", calling for " the people to prepare to liberate their cities." The Qayyarah base, which lies 58 km south of Mosul, the largest strategic military bases and the estimated area of more than 6 square kilometers , also includes two runways Airways, one of them is one of the longest military bleachers in the Middle East, with a length of up to 3800 m. local officials say, they talked (range) yesterday, that "Daash destroyed those stands, but the engineering effort began a quick campaign to return to work status rapid solidification materials. " joint Special operations command announced that the operation, which led to the liberation Qaeda, carried out by armored Division ninth counterterrorism forces fifteenth and the band, with the support of Air Alliance international. The operational command that" gangs Daash terrorist holding elements fleeing south of Mosul and prevent them from entering the city after fleeing with their families during the editing process Qaeda ".oorteurt military leadership, last week, to stop editing Qayyarah a cross - axis Sharqat, after he accused the prime minister, politicians and leaders of Askrien- Asmanm- did not disclose some of the details of the plan. liberalization plan Qayyarah base but Abdel - Rahman Olokua, representative of the Council of Nineveh province in theoperations command, confirmed the (range), " the troops did not change the date to storm the air base in Qayyarah, but changed by the attack from the southwest to the southeast, causing surprise Daash." the organization has collected all the "concrete blocks" in Mosul, and put them in the southwest of the base Qayyarah, for engagement with the attacking forces for months before the occupation of the runway. he Olokua that "Iraqi forces have shown professionalism, and followed a dirt road instead of the main road, forcing the insurgents to escape into nearby villages, where the fighting took place there. " resorted Daash to three villages near the air base, the villages are: splice, Lower and splice, the Supreme splice. Olokua says that " the bodies of dozens Daash there has become." And found Iraqi forces inside the base, the detainees alive, he was detained by Daash. Local administrator was unable to determine their numbers, but he predicted that they Mosul residents who did not comply with the orders of the organization. Daash and revolutionary people and was the military of the fall of al - Qaida significant impacts on loosening the grip Daash on Sharqat, which has become completely isolated from Mosul, Iraqi forces are deemed "militarily fallen ".Olokua and pointed out that" forces did not whirls toward Sharqat, as they wait for an internal revolution ,"persisting said , " is imminent. " the establishment of the people of Sharqat,'s population of 140 thousand people, an internal rebellion, sparing casualties in military operations, and shortcut factor time for military cuts.  He Olokua that locals began waving Iraqi flags inside Sharqat, and Daash suffers from a mass defection of its components toward Mosul, forcing him to close the control association with the city. The liberation of more than one place near Mosul, before the intervention of military forces, such as village "Alaosjh," South drunk, which the army crossed towards the Tigris river after the residents edited, according Olokua. Americans in Qayyarah base and engaged US troops, two days after the storming of Al - Qaeda tostrike locations within the important military facility before, also hit important goals on the day of the attack .Few know yet how it will be used for the base liberated, but officials close to the military leadership, expect toturn it into a weapon depots, rather than the base of Baiji, which lies about Mosul , 200 km. the rehabilitation of airstrips Qayyarah base shortcut aviation appeal of Baiji base to 5 minutes only after that it takes between 30-45 minutes, according to officials estimate. but US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter, who visited Baghdad on Tuesday, said US and coalition forces would use the air base that was restored recently in Qayyarah as a springboard for the battle of Mosul. , west of Mosul Najafi and the crowd on the ground, thetroops that liberated "Qayyarah base" direction to the west of the runway to meet with the troops that arewaiting on the other side of the "Tigris" categorically when a drunken began. Such a move could help to encircle the south of Mosul as a whole. The MP said Nineveh Abdulrahman Alloizi (range), " The control of the base Qayyarah cut through Sharqat Hawija and Mosul." It is likely Alloizi " The joint forces Ttrat progress towards the city of Mosul now, and go for control of the west of the city link with the Syrian border." The attention of the Attorney for Nineveh that "before the troops an area of about 100 km with the extension of the strategic oil line, which is the only outlet remaining before the militants to move towards Syria. " And it will control through Tal Afar , Mosul, trapping Mosul , 360 - degrees. The combined forces advancing towards Mosul, three axes: drunk, Sharqat, and Ba'shiqah. He says Alloizi "These themes are going as planned last Bastnthae supervised by a former governor of Nineveh province Liberation of Iraq forces." In this context reveals MP from Mosul for government orders were issued for Ngeevi Tejerh between the departure of its current location with his troops to any other place, or withdrawal Turkish troops in exchange for allowing him to participate in the liberation of Mosul. former governor and has an unknown number of fighters at a camp run by Turkish troops in northern Mosul. Sources say that the numbers are a little more than one thousand fighters, while Alsurja says Mahmoud, a spokesman for the "national mobilization", that their numbers exceed 4 thousand.

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