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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Washington Post: Daesh founded the unit to explore for antiquities in Iraq and Syria



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The Washington Post: Daesh founded the unit to explore for antiquities in Iraq and Syria

Post by rocky on Sun 21 Aug 2016, 4:06 am

The Washington Post: Daesh founded the unit to explore for antiquities in Iraq and Syria

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

Shares of the Smithsonian Institute of the US, of the Museum of the University ofPennsylvania for the cultural heritage, in theprocess of preservation of Iraqi antiquities and Syria through the control of the organization Daesh areas in the two countries. 
As the organization raise about 300 thousand dollars from Mtajrth effects, said the emergence of Daesh of the "worst period" disruptive effects since World war II. 
revealed by the Washington Post, in a report he followed ( the long - Presse), for " the contribution of theSmithsonian Institute of the US's Museum of the University of Pennsylvania for the cultural heritage in practical activities for the protection of antiquities in Iraq, Syria and prevent smuggled and sold operations inways that are illegal." 
the newspaper added it was "based on a report GAO GAO issued by the US State Department on thepreservation of archaeological sites in Iraq and Syria, the Institute Smithsonian is among the few organizations that received the report through its contribution through its expert specialists to provide training courses in the protection of heritage property in countries facing or war that are exposed to natural disasters conditions ".utabat newspaper it was " based on a report GAO, the Smithsonian Institute and in cooperation with the rest of archaeologists Syrians managed to keep artifacts rare in a Syrian museums air strikes using sandbags Other materials that have led to successful results in the protection of the museum and its contents archaeological when it was bombed. " 
says director of research and programs department Brian Daniels, at the Smithsonian Institute in theUniversity of Pennsylvania in an interview with the Washington Post, that" the work in Syria, Iraq , and spoke about his colleagues others risked their lives there to preserve their heritage , which is the legacy of the world as well . "he stressed Daniels said , " we have to take responsibility and offer what we can to help and advice to them, and that this work three years of my life I spent previously with colleagues in Syria and Iraq took ,"he said , adding that" the efforts of the United States in this area is not limited to only the protection ofmonuments , but to prevent the sale of illegal as well. " 
He noted the US State department report (GAO) to" organize Daesh, the foundations of a section of theeffects of its own with units dedicated to research in archaeological sites known to explore for new archaeological pieces where and marketing and sell , "noting that" the organization of the collection ofapproximately $ 300 thousand during the four - month period spanning between 2014 and 2015 ". 
for his part , Iraqi antiquities in the US State Department , John Russell adviser, said in an interview with the newspaper," the thing that I noticed in Syria have never which to me that I see him anywhere else , my experience is that there are stolen Organization of antiquities sponsored terrorist organizations , "asserting that" Mosul also occurred where looting and deliberate destruction of sites and monuments ruins it. " 
he said Russell was" based on what was in the report, the civil war that erupted in Syria in 2011 and theemergence of al Daesh in Iraq has caused the worst sabotage the legacy of civilization in the two countries since World war II , "stressing that" the organization of work on the cliff and the destruction of archaeological sites and looted its contents from the effects of some of them coming back for more than six thousand years ago . " . 
Russell pointed out that "there is a government pledge to protect archaeological property in Iraq and Syria, and our commitment to this will be long and we are now working to achieve this goal to make a difference in reality."

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