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Awesome statistics ... The arrivals to Kuwait are twice the population


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Awesome statistics ... The arrivals to Kuwait are twice the population Empty Awesome statistics ... The arrivals to Kuwait are twice the population

Post by rocky on Sun 14 Apr 2019, 3:07 pm

Awesome statistics ... The arrivals to Kuwait are twice the population

22:30 - 14/04/2019

Awesome statistics ... The arrivals to Kuwait are twice the population 1028451401-696x377
Information / follow up
KUWAIT CITY (Reuters) - Kuwaitis have long been more concerned with getting enough education and training to fill all jobs in the country, the head of the Kuwait Workers' Union, Saad al-Ajmi, criticized what he called the "wide opening of migrant workers", Citizens.
"We have a new youth able to fill and occupy the places occupied by migrant workers, and we demand the resettlement of labor, especially as the number of expatriates is estimated at 3.5 million, compared to 1.3 million in the same period," Ajami said in an interview with Sputnik. A small country like Kuwait. Al-Ajmi added that the parliamentary demands emphasize that there is a Takweet, so that the country's son finds a job. In addition, the output of education has become fragmented and good and in many specialties, but it does not find places of work.
Al-Ajmi said that the problem may be in the failure to arrange the outputs of education from universities and institutes, as well as open the door to recruitment by private sector companies, which leads to increased employment, especially that the employer looking for cheap labor and does not care much about the status of the local worker, And his skill.
"The problem is in the government sector less, and this causes social problems between the citizen and the expatriate, especially as most of the workers from the Asian countries are single, which is a danger to the Kuwaiti society. The government says it will put about 450,000 jobs in promising northern projects, but we need the state to arrange and cooperate with the labor movement to coordinate these jobs and to verify the veracity of these figures. "
"We have students abroad in the fields of medicine, engineering and others, and they returned to the country and found no jobs, which caused a problem in society, and this is incomprehensible in a rich and small country. There are legislation to contribute to the resettlement of jobs, but so far does not meet the aspirations and expectations, as it does not exceed 7.3 percent of jobs, and this is not useful.
Al-Ajami said that there is no need to recruit a clerk, storekeeper or driver, while the citizen is willing to accept such jobs, not to mention that those with Kuwaiti engineering qualifications do not find work, while colleagues from outside are recruited with less qualifications.
The Parliament should have a greater role in linking unions and the government on the recruitment of workers.
"But his role is less than our ambitions," Ajami said.
On the reasons, Ajami said, "the problem in the people in the parliamentary legislative committees, which was dominated by a group is not specialized, and therefore there is a kind of frustration in the citizen."
The Kuwaiti trade union official said that the Kuwaiti citizen, for more than ten years, exceeded the psychological barrier for some jobs, and became accepted, to provide a stable salary living by his family.
The 46th session of the Arab Labor Conference was held in Cairo on Sunday, in the presence of ministers and government officials, as well as representatives of Arab trade unions and the private sector, as well as specialists in the field of economic development, and discusses the challenges to jobs and future jobs.
During the conference, which will last until 21 April, participants will review the concerns of the Arab labor sector and the requirements of sustainable development, as well as enhance the role of the blue economy in supporting employment opportunities, especially since all Arab countries are seaside, It is rich in natural resources. End 25 n

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