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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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"World government" meets secretly in Dresden



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"World government" meets secretly in Dresden

Post by rocky on Sun 12 Jun 2016, 10:14 am

"World government" meets secretly in Dresden
une 12, 2016 9:51
Researcher Tayeh Hussein Massoud  
Meeting "world government" to be held in Dresden this weekend, noting that this meeting is dedicated to look into the situation of Russia, China and the Middle East.
The German city of Dresden has turned these days into a closed city guarded by hundreds of police. He was briefing the luxurious "Canivenberg ballet" Hotel next to the Opera building a fence railing, and prevent the organization of a demonstration, as well as large gatherings. Police also granted authority to inspect any person be subject to suspicion.
All of these actions are caused by the annual meeting of the Bilderberg elite club in this city - the capital of Saxony. As usual, a meeting will be closed, and attended by heads of power, politics and economics and communications. This meeting is the 64th for the club since its inception in 1954 in the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland.It is surrounded by a veil of strict confidentiality and anonymity and mystery. It is like the rest of the meetings, which prevents the media from attending. It can detect subjects that are looking at these meetings, but without reference to the views of those present. As the minutes do not record what is going on in these meetings, and where decisions are made, and the operations of the vote may not be issued by any statement.
All of this is several assumptions; where a consensus indicates that what is going on in these meetings, it has a big impact later in the political, economic and social processes. In this context, the book has Gerhard Vihanifski "authority Bilderberg leaders" wide popular among opponents of the group. He speaks of a "conspiracy economic, political and media elite."
Of course, this is denied by club members; where asserts, for example, head of the organizing committee for this meeting, Henri de Castries, chairman of the French insurance group AXA, in the prior Dresden meeting statement, that the aim of the dialogue behind closed doors is only to facilitate this dialogue.
But it is difficult to imagine interruption These celebrities about their work and daily duties for several days to talk only with each other without an important goal.
He has now arrived in Dresden very famous personalities from the heavy weight of them, Henry Kissinger, Nelson and David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Alan Greenspan and others from politics, economics and finance in the United States-makers. Dresdener Neuste Nachrichten newspaper reported that the king of the Netherlands Willem Alexander is among the participants in this meeting.
It is easy to see the heads of large German industrial institutions in Dresden these days, such as: "Siemens" and "Springer" and "Airbus". Will also participate in this meeting, President of the Federation of German Industries Ulrich Grillo, as well as three ministers: Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, defense Ursula von der Line, and the Interior Thomas de Mezieres. And it ends the work of this meeting on June 12 this month.
The Bilderberg group is interested in all global issues. The conferees will discuss the problem of immigrants this year, the US elections, the cost of energy and resources, and security of the Internet, as well as China, Russia and the Middle East.
It should be noted that the first session, which was held yesterday, June 9 in the ongoing "Canivenberg ballet" Hotel, escorted out of the restricted area protests, particularly that the club raises the sensitivity of the right and left alike. So it is expected to organize a demonstration against the 20 for this club in Dresden until next Sunday. Which the city will not calm these days. Agency pratha

Insane Investor
Insane Investor

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Re: "World government" meets secretly in Dresden

Post by Diamond on Sun 12 Jun 2016, 10:17 am

would seem that the secret wasn't that much secret lol

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