Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed the New York Times, on Wednesday, on the participation ofmore than 80 battalions from various military Alsnov battle edit upcoming Mosul, pointing to thelarge participation of the Iraqi Air Force and coalition Ata.ozkrt newspaper in a report today: "The regiment of 16 Special operations and 32 battalions of troops (band 15 and 16 in the army) withfully difference headquarters and 16 tank battalion (Division 9), will participate in the liberationof the city of Mosul process . "She added," the four armored regiments for 37 and 12 battalions of emergency Nineveh police and 12 battalions of the rapid reaction forces (three brigades) and 8 regiments and national force commandos crowd ( the first brigade and II) secret Swat, will participate as well as the battle . "He continued," The participation of eight regiments of the federal police mechanism for the two brigades and battalions heavy artillery to assign an Iraqi forces and the international coalition, as well as Post Peshmerga forces and the crowd popular predicate and support 4 - military teams ".ufema for the air force, the newspaper explained, that" the process involving the power of the alliance level of 10 squadrons and weapon of the Iraqi air level 3 squadrons air force, as well as attack helicopters of the coalition and the army Aviation Iraq 's levelof 10 formations. "