Baghdad / Iraq News Network The head of the civil power bloc, Mithal al - Alusi, Monday, that Iran no longer want to take over the presidency of Nuri al - Maliki the next Iraqi government. Alusi said in a press statement today: "Iran is visited by Nuri al - Maliki is no longer wish to assuming the presidency of the next Iraqi government because it has become an expired card after Republic of Iran imposed its policy entirely in Iraq , " he said. He added, that "Maliki is seeking from Iran during his visit to gain more support and support in the coming elections." He is stressing that "Iran is no longer dependent on al - Maliki implement its policy in Iraq." In this context, MP for the rule of law, Khalid al - Asadi, that the visit of Vice - President of Iran comes as part of the consolidation of the relationship between the two countries. He said al - Asadi, that "Maliki 's visit to Iran is aimed to promote political, economic and security relations." He explained that " the rule of law which shall Maliki 's leadership is the largest and most prominent blocs within the National Alliance , therefore, the role of vice president will be important to strengthen this alliance is bigger and wider than during his visit to Iran."