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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Prospects for the tragic aspect of poverty and its poverty in Iraq


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Prospects for the tragic aspect of poverty and its poverty in Iraq Empty Prospects for the tragic aspect of poverty and its poverty in Iraq

Post by rocky on Fri 21 Feb 2020, 3:45 am

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Mostafa Mohamed Gharib
Since ancient times, poverty remained an octopus that destroys human energies and progress and crushes them under the very natural needs of housing, food, medicine and clothing. The needs have evolved simultaneously with development and progress to become a scourge that needs a comprehensive political and economic program, and not all authoritarian and exploitative economic formations from slavery to capitalism have been able to find solutions The root cause of its ultimate disposal is that in the essence of these formations lies the exploitation and theft of the power of others for narrow class interests, and poverty and its expansion widen as the struggle for general plunder intensifies and it lies in the orientations of dictatorial or religious political systems. Desperately, the deceitful masses of deceit under the false pretexts, the programmed anesthesia, and the promise of the unseen goodness apply to slogans, examples, and sayings in the forefront of them, but not all of them “do not think for them, and the conviction is an inexhaustible treasure, capabilities, and what is written on the forehead must be seen by the eye… etc.” and all of them are equal with Drugs that raise awareness and lead people
Those who follow what the political, economic, social, cultural, security, and other conditions will find will find that the current reality is not a cacophony, but will find it at the top of its tragedy as a natural and non-cesarean outcome of the birth of this handicapped child who destroys the country and the people and needs many of the corrective surgical operations to return to the so-called state building In modern Iraq, the process cannot be contrary to what is currently stipulated, and these tragedies will find “poverty and without it” evidence that the bad always creates the worst of it, so the political situation was and is still normal, and it is in a state of religious and civil sectarian duplication Distorted, and in social have accumulated about changes regression to the lower prevalence of social epidemics of all moral, educational and traditional joints, while Shell is almost the national economy as a whole to find itself a unilateral depends on rentier rather than the other branches, which include private, agricultural and mixed sector, and the situation became Poor living, lady of the situation, in arranging the situation of Iraq to be at the bottom of the list of poor countries, which is rich in human and natural resources, as academic and popular cultural education has been distorted and concepts that were formulated in the majority of religious and cultural institutions have been degraded on civilizational foundations, especially the unified view of narrow sectarian and nationalistic concepts, to recede the concept of national culture He is chased by the dark forces that still carry the machines of killing, destruction, assassination and fighting whenever he is beautiful, vital and enlightening civilization, and if we want to talk about the security conditions, there is a lot of hope in his hearers and followers, and It has become repeated in all directions, and varied between terrorism and armed sectarian militias, especially those of well-known countries, where these sectarian militias have become the depth of the Iraqi state and its successive governments and have the most important role in forming governments or even drawing official policy that tries to find alternatives to the current situation, while thinking about its solution Or salvation
The poverty trap and below poverty has become the focus of scrutiny and discussed by national and honorable forces , which is located upon itself publishing, advertising and exposing the hands that have contributed and contribute to the increase in poverty and hands that do not feel responsibility
1 is not human because it puts the lives of millions of citizens , children and the elderly, women and men at risk Always vulnerable to death from hunger or shelter and diseases that are spread by the aforementioned reason
2 - nor patriotism because this prevents them from subordination to other countries and non-Iraqi groups and their decisions and affiliations remain nationally blamed
And those who do not feel human or national responsibility as groups and individuals admit the worst, not only the bad. The “poverty” disease extends from the north to the south, but also throughout Iraq with the difference in the region, as a shocking reality for any upcoming reform or change, as it does from time to time. Official, semi-official and neutral to reveal this dangerous phenomenon that has been exacerbated and expanded by hundreds of thousands of IDPs and fleeing wars and the result of sectarian politics. For the displaced, as well as the civil disobedience movement, one of the main causes of which is unemployment, poverty and without poverty. The correspondent said, “The civil disobedience movement that closed educational institutions and departments is still ongoing. The martyrs "of the city As a result of the recent 170 protests. ” It was officially recorded that the true number of martyrs is about (600) martyrs, and the number may be relative to the year. The correspondent confirmed, “In Al-Haboubi Square (the center of Nasiriyah protests), students attend almost daily to support other unemployed youth.”
We ask in front of the plight of the Iraqi people -
how can the human mind envision more than (600 martyrs) and more than (25,000) wounded and injured and the numbers are rising and not a few detainees who were assassinated while the public conscience is almost silent?! .. as if nothing happened and just ordinary numbers Except from some protests that do not exceed the fingers of the hand.
How to explain this vague silence while it was imperative for international and civilizational protests and demonstrations to pressure the Iraqi government and against sectarian militias backed from abroad that assassinate, kidnap, arrest, torture, threat and transgress the sanctity of women protesters, including their martyrdom and others ?!
Returning to the tragedy of poverty, its concrete results and its causes, which constituted the state of the phenomenon and without it as it has become on every tongue, and has been covered by many media outlets and presented concrete research and studies to warn of its risks and expansion, a phenomenon that can only be held responsible by the governments, parties and organizations that make the decision, and for this there is a need to expose those responsible for leading The country and the main controllers who are the decision-makers who bear the responsibility of leading the country and are responsible for it as required to achieve some kind of social justice and strive for the welfare of the people by eliminating unemployment and creating job opportunities and the spirit of citizenship and not complete Yez and equality between the components, and the Ministry of Planning indicated about poverty rates in Iraq on figures showing the size of the tragedy and the miserable situation of millions of Iraqis, as the poverty rate in the majority of Iraqi governorates also mentioned some relative declines, but these ratios remained high if measured in rich Iraq, and the ministry’s spokesperson mentioned Abdul-Zahra Al-Hindawi, in a press statement that “the Ministry of Planning carried out a survey at the end of 2018 that showed a decrease in the poverty rate to (20%) after it recorded (22.5%) in 2014”, indicating that “these percentages varied between governorates, according to economic activity and the development movement in them , There are some governorates in which the poverty rate has decreased, others have increased, and some have maintained the same level. ”The governorates mentioned that poverty rates are still high and constitute an obstacle to construction and development, including Al Muthanna Governorate, and the Ministry of Planning indicates after reducing the poverty rate” from 23% in 2010 to 15% by the end In 2013 ”, but the crisis that occurred, especially in 2014, the percentage rose again to“ 22.5% ”and in general, Fa Recurrent crises in all aspects of the state have led to increased poverty among the popular classes and toiling many families descended into poverty without resulting in health and social damage serious in the lives of millions of poor and unemployed.
It is not possible, indeed, it is impossible to rebuild or build a country in which poverty and sub-poverty rates are as high as Iraq, except God there is a national government supported by the majority of the people and the national and democratic forces are the first action in which the abolishing of the quota system and eliminating corruption and freedom from the effects of armed sectarian militias And ending dependency of any kind or entity, whatever the reasons.
Iraq is living the tragedy in all its forms. It is effectively exposed to great dangers that may lead to comprehensive destruction, loss of citizenship borders, and division, if a broad civil war erupts and is exploited for lurking external interventions or even that have broad effects on the armed sectarian militias that these countries have formed, extended, and still provide. With money and weapons and sometimes with fighters, generals and leaders in their security systems and institutions, logistical support by some has brought Iraq to this dangerous situation, it must stop and refuse to influence the formation of the next government and change the language of quotas in the language of citizenship is not necessary So and so as to be from the Fulani group as head of state or prime minister or president of the parliament or ministers and responsible, but not to trade-off in the loyalty and Iraqi patriotism and the attitude of the state to build the Iraqi Federal.

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