[size=17]Baghdad / Iraq News Network - A member of the Fatah Alliance, Salam Hussein, said on Wednesday that the citizen will not feel the decision to reduce the price of the dollar unless measures are taken to fight speculators and follow up prices in the markets by the economic security committees to ensure the reduction of prices for consumer goods by traders. Hussein said in a press statement, "The reduction of the dollar exchange rate is a decision credited to Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani and the political parties supporting and forming the government." He added that "the decision to reduce the exchange rate will not be effective unless the regulatory and economic security bodies work to follow up on prices in the markets, pursue speculators and prevent them from raising prices in local markets." He pointed out that "the decline in the exchange rate must be accompanied by a decline in prices by traders, because failure to commit to reducing prices will not achieve the desired benefit from the government's decision to raise the value of the dinar, and therefore there is a need for the concerned authorities to move to follow up the prices of consumer goods in the markets."[/size]