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Urged the Baghdad Chamber of the Commerce, Sunday, at LOWER prices, and support the poor month of Ramadan , Noting That it Gave Recommendations for merchants to Provide donations. The HEAD of the Chamber of Jaafar al -Hamdani, in an interview with Alsumaria's News During a meeting room in Baghdad That "the room formed a .follow - up Committees of before the board of Directors and the affairs of the merchants to the find out the problems That stand in the market and collect donations for poor families." He , al by said - Hamdani by said "the room traders and importers Urged to Reduce prices and Provide Assistance to the displaced families and the poor, in Addition to call is free . Maintaining the exchange prices."

For his part, by said First Deputy Chairman of the Chamber Hassan Sheikh in an interview with Alsumaria News That "the rise in prices in the month of Ramadan is one 's of the common things in all the Arab Countries due to Increased demand for some commodities and goods needed the by vBulletin® the citizens of this month, "Noting That" some hackers a career - commerce are On taking advantage of these days to raise prices. " by said Sheikh That" the room Gave Recommendations for all traders to carry out Initiatives in this holy month of LOWER prices and make donations to the poor and rally popular. " Often Observes Ramadan before the rise of some nutrients That are On essential in prices this month, Including lentils and meat. the month of Ramadan is the the ninth month in the Calendar comes after a month of shaaban, is this month 's distinctive when Muslims from the rest of the months, the Islamic New year, it is the month of fasting, Refrains in the Muslims of his days for food and drink with a move away the taboos,from dawn until sunset.