Baghdad / Iraq News Network confirmed to the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations on Saturday, "The government has dealt with according to diplomatic contexts Saudi ambassador, that leads to expulsion procedures automatically or by pulling demand . " He said Abbas al - Bayati , amember of the Commission in a press statement today: "There protocol measures in dealing with any ambassador out of diplomatic contexts has approved the country. "He explained that" these measures begin to summon the ambassador to the Foreign Ministry and then wakes from his statements that fall within the framework of intervention local issues, and then up later to theexpulsion stage or demand State to pull it. "He added that" the Foreign Ministry summoned theSaudi ambassador and told him about his positions and statements that an interference frank in Iraqi affairs , "noting:" the Ambassador, if he continued his approach and interventions themselves, will move the State Department automatically to the next phase which is expulsion or request withdrawn . "he said:" so far , inform the Saudi ambassador to the necessity of taking into accountthe customary diplomatic in his statements and his movement inside Iraq. "the Saudi ambassador to Iraq , Thamir Sabhan attacked the head of a coalition of state law , Nuri al- Maliki , who said recently that" the Saudi source of terrorism in the region and the world . " Alshban . He said through his account on the social networking / Twitter / site "What is expected of those who fought with Iraq and to stop Iran, and during the period of the wisdom of Iraq has lost 70% of its territory for the allies Aldoaash .. ratified the Arabs: Rmtna Bdaiha and enviously."