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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Private banks need to be a real credit rating


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Private banks need to be a real credit rating

Post by rocky on Sun 29 Dec 2013, 4:17 am

Private banks need to be a real credit rating

12/29/2013 08:41

Represents keep abreast of developments global banking most important steps to achieve the country's economic development, to link the work of the banking sector in all phases of construction and reconstruction, which is embodied in the use of technologies of modern banking and follow international standards in performance, according to the plans of strategic stomach or style of investment portfolios in specialized sectors one of the most prominent of these developments in the banking sector Iraqi. international standardsspecialist Balchan banking Muhannad Qasim said that the credit rating is one of the important topics and that took a long time from the central bank and private banks, and that it's complicated too much and needs to be an effort to contain it, pointing to the existence of the classification of private banks in the light of international standards. And that the classification is intended classification realistically not rated theory, noting that the category already exists for banks civil and supports global standards, but not all, because we have a banking sector that began the actual work recently and after 2003, although its roots date. rules of global banking said in an interview for the "morning" The application of the rules of international banking supported in banks to be older than 150 years in our banks, are not enough to achieve positive results in all cases, unless the rating is in order, but the classification in class accepted this most important hubs debate the private banking sector in Iraq. noted to the importance of the application of methods of global applicable in Iraq for the purpose of classification of the credit and reflect the true reality of domestic banks in the country. tool development and on the mechanisms of monetary policy, said that the development plan and budgets giant lead to breakthroughs major development in the country, but you need to plan a comprehensive economic and remain Fiscal policy and price tool to achieve the goals. He pointed out that the banking sector has the potential to be a comprehensive development tool in Iraq. It can be a tool for the implementation of monetary policy and the price approved by the central bank. fluctuation of the dollar and the obstacles that limit the development of the private banking sector drew denominator that central bank policy, instructions and regulations in force and placed in a certain period to regulate the banking business, but it may disproportion all the time, and went on to the steps most important accuse the private banking sector of manipulating exchange rates, this is not accurate because the price policy and its mechanisms define by the central bank and his tools in the application by the private banks that get hard currency (dollar) and distributed between the markets of the central bank, which requires review of all instructions issued by the Central accurately and stand at every point and diagnose the defect resulting in volatility at the exchange rate of the dollar. competencies and technologies, banking and pointed out that the private banking sector has the competencies and technologies advanced banking to compete with global banks wishing to work in Iraq, noting that the Iraqi market has become a magnet for foreign banks and that the number of foreign advisers working with the private banks, local Tfajúa size capabilities and technical Iraq. , and pointed out that the banking sector is suffering a number of obstacles in the forefront can not isolate the performance of the banking on the regional situation, the public as well as the security situation, as there are obstacles inherent in the material 28.27 from Banking Act, which established private banks to engage in work and getting interest from a range of services and activities provided, but this material blocked many activities for these banks, even though it commercial activities for the design of the banking business and here identified capacity to serve the community. branches of foreign banks and the importance of opening bank branches overseas in Iraq, provided that this process is in accordance with the regulatory controls in the forefront of reciprocity as easy to open bank branches of foreign in Iraq are offset by the difficulty in developing branches Almassarva in those countries, and that the benefits of open branches of those banks is leading our banks to the advancement of their services and their products and rehabilitation of cadres and the development of Systems sophisticated work and openness to the banking business globally. banks, family and banks family pointed out that all banks established as joint stock law does not specify stocks and quantities to those granted to the people and members of a certain family, pointing out that Altalmyat the last of the Central Bank was not to allow brothers two in the membership of the Board of Directors while the law did not provide for this selection. concluded his speech by saying that the conservative Alaschmaria an important means to achieve big profits for private banks if used properly and by professionals and serve all sectors Alaqsadah, pointing to the importance of providing a cadre a human specialist and secretary of the management of these portfolios Alasstmaria.

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