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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Electronic payment cards enter the field of public controversy


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electronic - Electronic payment cards enter the field of public controversy Empty Electronic payment cards enter the field of public controversy

Post by rocky on Mon 04 Mar 2019, 3:34 pm

[size=36]Electronic payment cards enter the field of public controversy [/size]

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The employee Samir Ali fears the idea of transferring salaries to electronic payment cards, specifically the idea of opening an electronic account in a bank. all checked out and this is annoying for us, especially for those who are paid low salaries, including retirees, not to mention after the payment centers for the workplace and at home, they are available in certain places, demanding to find suitable solutions.   

E - cards

Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Private Banks Ahmed al-Hashemi that "the right of citizens to obtain an electronic card by opening a bank account, to keep his money from damage or theft or the occurrence of any other exhibitor, after the whole world has been working these cards, either by withdrawing money through ATM "or" POS "in the shops or taxis, as the last equipment will be distributed in all places and does not need the employee to withdraw his salary fully.
He added that "there is a reduced deduction for the withdrawal of salaries, while there is no deduction if the receipt through the machines deployed in the shops, which encourages employees and retirees to maintain their salaries within the electronic card, all efforts of the Central Bank to encourage citizens to use modern technologies in banking transactions , And that banks should deal with the electronic banking system and that there is control over the funds and facilitate all financial transactions from the transfer or withdrawal, which avoids those money laundering operations.
"All these operations can contribute to the control of the tax and customs, through the process of electronic banking and disclosure of accounts to the Central Bank operations controlled by him, stressing that in Iraq, 73 banks are all working to develop this system, as they do not want to trade money, And his loans. "
Hashemi said in his speech that "the restoration of confidence between citizens and banks is through the granting of loans for medium or small projects for real people."
Localization of salaries
Director General of payments in the Central Bank of Iraq, Suha Abdul Karim said that "the use of electronic payment cards reflected on three axes, the first to be banks, real institutions can provide services to citizens and contribute directly to the development of the economy and promote it after being not interested in this during the last phase Most of its activities are limited to the currency auction. "
"After the stability of the currency exchange rate in the country because of the currency auction, it is time for banks to develop the infrastructure and services available to them to be able to continue and be in the ranks of banks in the countries of the world, and the priorities that must evolve electronic payment services that began to jump quickly, "The world is moving away from dealing with paper and routine accompanied by the visit of banking branches, and that investment in electronic payment cards has become a loser because the world is going to deal with mobile banking services such as collection, payment and transfer."
Abdul Kareem said: "The bank is concerned with the electronic payment infrastructure required by the regulations, instructions and techniques. Therefore, we have established an electronic payment service system in 2014 and the construction of the national division after each bank issued certain cards not found locally. Iraq, and that cards (card card) limited to the distribution of salaries of retirees and employees as a closed network and his cards do not work only on machines allocated by the company and this is contrary to the direction of the Central Bank.
 "It is the driving heart of electronic payment and the interactive feature of all. Citizens must have cards that accept all electronic payment machines, so we go to the users of Visa Card and MasterCard cards, The first project was the localization of salaries offset by a large confrontation of a society accustomed to pay paper in full, despite the disadvantages in the absence of transparency and cost the state huge sums to print currencies at a time, so the goal of transition to a non-monetary community is to reduce costs on the state and keep the amounts of citizens and transformation Towards Transparency, Fast "Our goal is the elite to be the tool by which we change the culture of society."
Abdul Karim explained that "the project is integrated, there is a link between the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Central Bank to issue a functional number and another bank to ensure a monthly audit on each amount disbursed, and ensure the deal with actual people and not space, because the opening of a bank account requires the presence of the same employee and can not by proxy or provide And the Financial Control Bureau and the Ministry of Finance have direct access to these systems so we will control the disbursement of funds. "
 The decision of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to keep the bank account for the employee even after his retirement from his circle, which creates a competitive environment between the banks themselves to provide the best services for employees and retirees to open accounts, especially after the decision to choose the employee bank without forcing from Before the circle, after the central bank identified the bank, which participates in the project to settle salaries and must be in terms of credit and other technical, which contributed to the activation of banks.
She pointed out that "there is a tendency to change the culture of banking from lending to savings, and therefore banks began a serious phase of special offers that stimulate the employee to open an account in it, and the project to settle salaries came to restore balance and confidence between citizens and banks after lack thereof, and that the Central Bank will encourage travelers to The acquisition of those cards instead of cash after agreements with international companies to maintain the same exchange rate in force in Iraq (1200) dinars to the dollar against the strengthening of those companies through the auction currency.
"The central bank will monitor the growth rates of bank accounts, and any bank that does not have a specific account number, there is no need to work inside Iraq, which will make banks strive to provide services and can take its role in the banking sector."
As for the use of these cards in the shops, Abdul Karim said that "in the case of the citizen from the shop or use of ATMs and the same ATM cards, the rate of deduction is zero, indicating that such rumors about the proportion of deduction by some traders who lost Their confidence in the banks that must provide them with electronic exchange devices in case of opening a bank account has.
Pros and Cons
Deputy Director of the International Company for Smart Card (Key Card) Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Hadi, director of relations and information in the company that "the Central Bank has stopped issuing cards" Key Card "effective January 1 this year, after issuing thousands of cards for dozens The departments in Baghdad and the provinces, including education and health, and that the company bought a special laboratory from Germany to make these cards to speed up the process of issuance.
Abdul Hadi explained that "the process of issuance and replacement began in mid-2018 and was close to completion after the opening of 7,000 ports to issue these cards and change the programming devices that issue the cards" Key "and converted to the issuance of" Master "and the use of the benefit of the traveler outside Iraq in flight reservations And hotels, after the European countries and others do not like to deal with criticism and hold the visitor who exceeds the specified limit of paper money.
And the disadvantages of cards Master Card stressed that "this type of cards if lost from the owner, the thief can deal with them through the Internet, whether shopping or other, and this was impossible in the card" Key Card ", with the presence of modern devices that can close to the card withdraw all Information and become worthless to the owner in the event of such a matter. "
Opportunity to invest
Economic expert Saleh al-Hamashi said that "MasterCard cards are used in all countries as a global system and provides very large services, and ensures that the money does not stumble in the state, with the possibility of calculating the mass or monetary policy of the Central Bank."
He added that "the available cash mass will be at the banks and be calculated very easy, and ensure the expenditure of funds by the citizen who needs only in the case of buying a particular material, to keep the state or banks cash mass and directed towards investment, as it will have a large cash liquidity, Lending and investment services ".
He added that "these cards have many features known, but the most prominent problems in Iraq, the commission of the withdrawal of these cards amount to two thousand dinars for each check and this is not in the world, which uses the banking commission on the whole account, to be 1 per thousand and then deducted the amount needed, He went on to say that buying a water bottle is worth 250 dinars. Using these cards, the price is 2250 dinars, which makes the employee or pensioner withdraw his salary completely so as not to cut the amount of two thousand dinars for each time, and this does not serve the economy, The total number of 6 million m K, and access to this number will cause preclusion need to deduct this amount. "
"The other problem is that there are not enough outlets or automatic machines, which are often distributed in malls or commercial areas, while the residents of the areas of the parties or away from the center of the province are deprived of these services, having to travel large distances to receive their salaries, Not to mention another problem is the lack of confidence of citizens in the banks after several months of bankruptcy or exposure to guardianship and loss of assets of many citizens, which requires awareness campaigns by the State and the Association of Banks to reassure citizens and reassurance 
Banks ".
 Al-Hamashi added that "if the money is concentrated in banks, it will be guided by development programs or investment, as the cash mass of 250 trillion Iraqi dinars in homes and shops, while the state does not own only 90 trillion dinars, stressing that the monetary bloc if withdrawn from the citizens to strengthen confidence Between them and the banks and directed projects can promote the economy 

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