A parliamentary source revealed the existence of two versions of the draft law to remove foreign forces from Iraq, while pointing out that the decision to remove these forces is political rather than security. 

"There are two versions of the law to remove foreign forces from Iraq, which were completed by a joint committee, with the features of the rejection of other powers to any legislation to remove foreign forces," the source said.

The source, who asked not to be named, said that "the first draft provides for the termination of foreign presence in Iraq in a period not exceeding 12 months, and help the government to accomplish all the shortcomings and needs required by the Iraqi army and police forces," adding that " A gradual withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq in a period not exceeding 36 months, and the government is committed to complete the requirements of self-reliance of the security file on Iraqi forces. "

The MP of the Fatah alliance Mohammed al-Baldawi, on March 14, that the issuance of a resolution to legalize or remove foreign forces from Iraq is dependent on the first two steps is the ratification of the legal committee formed by the alliance and the conquest of the final version of the resolution, after the comprehensive study of the previous agreements concluded between Baghdad And Washington, and the second relates to the government's response to the letter sent by the Security and Defense Committee of the parliamentary on the number of these forces and places of their presence and the nature of their work, while noting that the issuance of the resolution is settled and does not retreat and there is consensus on that.