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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Industrialists criticize the actions of Industrial Bank and are demanding the release of the industr


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Industrialists criticize the actions of Industrial Bank and are demanding the release of the industr

Post by rocky on Mon 21 Jul 2014, 6:35 am

Industrialists criticize the actions of Industrial Bank and are demanding the release of the industrial initiative


BAGHDAD / JD / .. criticized a number of industrial action Industrial Bank for granting industrial loans, especially after the lifting of the interest rate (10%) to (16%), in addition to the complexity of the security measures against the granting of loans for industrialists.
They called their talk Agency / JD / federal government to the need to launch an industry initiative, similar to Balzraih to support the local industry.
Chairman of the Iraqi industrial assembly Abdul Hassan al-Shammari, said: "The industrial loans currently parked by the Industrial Bank, where at the beginning of this year, the bank began to grant loans, but the procedures are very complex, making the industrial refrain from taking the loan."
He said al-Shammari told / JD /: "The Industrial Bank has raised interest rates from 10% to 16% because of the large number of employees who were hired in the bank and thus form a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the bank which led him towards an increase in the interest rate, but in return accounted for the increase in the interest rate shock among industrialists, while calling for the granting of loans without interest, similar to agricultural loans. "
He said: "The measures the bank for the security in the process of granting loans is very complex, where he called the bank bail two employees against the granting of a loan (10) million dinars, while mortgage real estate full return for granting the loan (50) million and above, making industrialists abstain from taking loans and rehabilitation of their plants targeted by the recent war on Iraq. "
He added: "Iraq needs an industry initiative, similar to Balzraih support the national industry through the availability of soft loans, interest-free and exempt from fees industrialists tax exemption, as well as the benefits of previous loans, and reduce imports."
The expert industrial Mohamed Salem al-Bayati, carry Alihump federal responsibility, the growth in the industrial sector due to lack of taking interest in this vital sector, adding that the current circumstances through which the country has led to the closure of most of the ports of import, except for the perpetrators of Basra and Iran, making a scarcity of certain materials in the domestic market.
He said al-Bayati told / JD /: "The Iraqi state is still dependent on imports exclusively due to the lack of local product, it must take advantage of the experience of the regional countries and the world on the subject of the development of the local industry," he said, adding that Iran when it imposed the economic blockade by the major powers Over the past three years, the economy was not affected due to the possession of a large local industry. "
He pointed out that measures the Industrial Bank of Iraq on the subject of supporting local industry is supportive of the industrial sector, calling for measures to facilitate those working in earnest on the advancement of the national industry.
He had announced the Industrial Bank of the Ministry of Finance on the status of the conditions and regulations specific to the granting of loans amounting to 15 million dinars to citizens.
A source at the bank in a statement that the bank is counting on a new mechanism to grant loans amounting to 15 million dinars, which is granted for small income-generating, adding that "among the conditions that have been set is to grant the loan to ensure the sponsor or Kvelan and repayable over a period of 3 years and six semi-annual installments to be. "
"The bank continuously support the mixed sector companies contributed to the fact that the bank founded and has a post in the company, ranging from 27% in 1570 in most of the mixed sector companies."
It is said that the Industrial Bank of Iraq is an Iraqi bank government, was founded in Baghdad in 1941 and meant to give loans to the industrial sector in Iraq, his administration's public Sinak consists demolished building of eight floors, including floor centrist with a basement and large stores for stationery and binders, and others.
The Bank a number of branches in Baghdad and the provinces, and its epicenter year in Sinak, and its branches in Baghdad branch door meeting needs in Kazimiyah and branch Zafaraniyah and the main branch, in addition to the branch Beirut Square, and provincial branches operating in Iraq, is a branch of Nineveh and Branch Babylon Branch Karar in Najaf and Branch Basra.
The domestic industry suffers from a significant deterioration as a result of circumstances since the country both in the nineties of the last century, which saw an economic blockade on the checks on Iraq or after 2003 who faced the challenges of Iraq and terrorist acts big. / Finished / 8 /

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