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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Rival personal computer portable ... LG plans to launch a Smartphone "Nexus 4"

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Rival personal computer portable ... LG plans to launch a Smartphone "Nexus 4" Empty Rival personal computer portable ... LG plans to launch a Smartphone "Nexus 4"

Post by Hkp1 on Fri 28 Dec 2012, 11:19 am

Rival personal computer portable ... LG plans to launch a Smartphone "Nexus 4"

Date: 2012/12/28 08: 52: 23 Friday

(newsletter) ...LG Electronics plans to put her new "Nexus 4" which was
developed in cooperation with company "Google", in the markets of the
Arab Mashreq in 2013. For the latest phone combines the best of
universal hardware and software in the hands of users.

Middle East
Director Katy Rio in a statement the company branch in Iraq received
(News News Agency) a copy of: the device features a camera with high
performance and resolution 8 megapixels to capture amazing images and
enable the user to take pictures in the vicinity of 360 degrees, from
top and bottom and all sides, it will come with IPS display supports
touch measured 4.7 inches, and will depend on the quad processor cores
of type "APQ8064" a Qualcomm processors 1.5 GHz, as well as support for
Run Android Jelly Beans Plus.

Rio said: the second half of the
twentieth century saw a major technology shares in ttoirmkhtelf areas of
life and have a positive impact on all its aspects. And technological
development has also contributed to improving communications and
converted to a link beyond geographical boundaries, bringing people to
each other despite the distance between them, also contributed to the
development of the communication itself, but completely changed thanks
to the development of special mobile phones and replacing the fixed
communication devices, because it has become more than just a means of
communication, particularly in the light of the proliferation of smart
mobile phones currently use as computers enough to perform many tasks,
and take advantage of many applications That includes them.

growing and development: the smart mobile phones by manufacturers,
these devices have been able to achieve significant growth in sales in
all markets of the world by 45.3 percent during the third quarter of
this year compared with the same period last year, according to a report
released by the Foundation "IDC" specialized in the research of
international telecommunications markets last month, given the
provisions of the additional services beyond the concept of voice and

And the statement: "mobile phones are smart about
traditional hardware support for operating systems (Android, Windows,
Symbia, iOS), which in turn provide platform to load many different
programs, as well as to support other mobile phone components such as
touch screen response speed, memory management, and the ability to
accommodate an unlimited number of contacts and messages, and the purity
of the sound, and the screen resolution), as well as enable the user to
surf the Internet in a manner that simulates best viewed through the
computer, and the ability to upload and download many programs and games
and applications Miscellaneous, social networking applications,
business applications, content and video applications, word processors,
online chat, and protection tools, and make video calls, and many other
advanced services similar to those provided by telecommunications

And more: the size of the turnout increases on these
smart phones quality and efficiency, as well as its ability to
facilitate daily life, and which has LG Electronics mobile
communications included in smart mobile phones has a fundamental
criterion in the creation and design of their products.
Electronics relies on smart mobile telephone manufacturing to
unprecedented methodology, focusing on providing smart phones and
superior modern designs and attractive, convenient and comfortable sizes
used in terms of supply, in addition to the included advanced features
to improve user experience and enrichment, as well as its keenness to
provide a variety of options in different forms to give its customers
the opportunity to select what suits their needs and lifestyle and meet
individual aspirations, which is unique to LG Electronics.

"for this purpose, and constantly seek to enable the Arab Mashreq keep
abreast of and acquisition of everything in the world of smart mobile
phones, during the current year to launch many innovations in this area
and put it out of reach of LG Electronics phones lovers in very
competitive prices without compromising quality or distinctive shape and
modern designs that cater to different tastes.

Turning to the
most important statement ryom phones that LG Electronics has launched
the Series Optimus series L-which includes phones: L3, L5, L7, L9, which
recorded sales of 10 million around the world due to its superiority,
collected between elegance in design, specifications and performance
high capacity smart. blends Optimus phones series L-Series between
appropriate timeless design with the finest details and highest
specification, which is a key factor in promoting the competitiveness of
LG Electronics phones and create a big difference in their favour with
the Hardware competition. The Optimus phones design philosophy L-Series
on the five elements of aesthetic consisting of: modern shape box that
provides more comfort when you hold the device, slim appearance, along
with a smooth arrangement of keys, and harmony of contrast in design
using metal parts with different tones, in addition to the attractive
format is catching on his thinness.

And also included on your
"Optimus Vu", shifting unveiled hybrid phone which combines
characteristics of smart phones and tablet in a single device, which
features unlimited potential and performance, as well as super
user-friendly features, and complete flexibility for digital content
allowing users a great deal of efficiency and speed in performing all
tasks, whether for business purposes or interaction or learning or
content creation. this phone comes technically contain an NVIDIA TEGRA
processor quad core processor 1.5 GHz, RAM 1 GB, And internal memory
capacity of 32 GB. And have been provided with rear camera 8 megapixel
with Flash "LED", and other front 1.3 megapixel camera to support video
calls and chat. It features "Vu" Optimus support for previous "WiFi
Direct" and "DLNA" Exchange of information and data between devices, as
well as support for a HDMI port to transfer audio, video and broadcast
television content clearly.

The LG Electronics had raised
"phone HD" 4X recently supported by intelligent operating system Android
Android ice cream sandwich Ice Cream Sandwich ™, to provide consumers
with a quad core processor speeds up to 1.5/. The phone also features a
touch-screen high-resolution HD IPS 4.7 inches, and stylish design with
few able 9 mm, and a rear camera 8 Megapixel, front camera 1.3
megapixels, and internal storage up to 16 GB and support external memory
(Micro SD) up to 32 GB, offering users better performance and higher
efficiency when performing certain tasks, such as browsing the Web,
Flash and video editing and games, making it one of the fastest mobile
phones worldwide, as well as its contribution to energy savings And
maintain your battery life, high-capacity of 2 150 ml amp.

And LG
Electronics will continue to bring more innovative mobile phones smart
to make the lives of their customers better and enable them to
communicate and interact with the fastest and easiest way possible,
seeking to contribute to changing the telecommunications landscape
around the world./finished/./

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