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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trump is Free to Throw Mud on Clinton-Catherine Austin Fitts


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Trump is Free to Throw Mud on Clinton-Catherine Austin Fitts

Post by Lobo on Wed 11 May 2016, 10:15 pm

Trump is Free to Throw Mud on Clinton-Catherine Austin Fitts


By Greg Hunter On May 10, 2016 In Media 113 Comments

By Greg Hunter’s 
Former Bush Administration (41) Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, says this presidential election will be most painful for Hillary Clinton. Fitts explains, “Here’s the thing, Clinton has never had to answer for the real deal issues and dirt on the Clintons.  Here’s what’s interesting.  One of the reasons the Clintons never had to answer is so much of it was done with the Bush family and the Republican establishment.  They were really partners in many of the things they did.  Before the campaign, Roger Stone came out with a book on the Bushes and a book on the Clintons.  It was sort of a compendium on all the real deal dirt.  That’s now in the body politic.  The second thing we see is George H.W. Bush, W. Bush and Jeb Bush all come out and say they are not going to back Trump.  That means Trump is free to throw the mud, and it will hit the Clintons, but it will splatter all over the Bushes.  Now, Trump is free to go.”
Fitts goes on to say, “It really comes down to where the military and the intelligence agencies stand on this. If he can get enough support in the military and intelligence agencies, I think Trump can win.  Trump is ahead in polls in the military two to one.”
On the economy, Fitts, who is also an investment banker, says, “People are saying where do I put my cash that is safe from the game of musical chairs? I don’t think the problem is it’s all going to collapse.  We are going to get liquidity hiccups, and chairs are going to get pulled.  Some people are going to lose, and some people are going to win. . . . People who have borrowed money in currencies that they can’t print, Puerto Rico being one . . . that borrowed way more money than they can pay back, same with Detroit.  You are going to have all these creditors, both countries, municipalities and companies who can’t pay back the debt . . . when their revenues are going down. . . . Some pensions are going to get killed.  Some insurance companies are going to get killed because their model depends on a certain rate of interest, and they’re not getting it.”
On gold, Fitts says, “Always have enough gold to bribe the border guards, that’s what I say. Gold is very volatile.  This year, it’s been volatile to the upside, but we can still get another big down if we get into a deflation.  I talk about an investment position and a core position.  The core position is the gold you use to bribe the border guard.  That’s central bank insurance.  You don’t care what the price is.  You need to make sure that for your core position, you are not worried about the price.  If it goes down to $700, you are not worried, and if it flies up to $2,000, you are not going to get excited and sell it.  It’s your core position, and you want ounces of gold or silver, and you don’t think about it as you would an investment position.”
On the total fraud propping up every corner of the economy, Fitts says, “Here’s the problem with this situation, and it’s mind boggling. When you have an economy on a managed basis, and get this far away from a market economy, the problem is the primary trend in the dollar, bonds, stocks, and gold is . . . totally in question and can go either way.  A lot of it is because you have a politically managed system and not a market economy.  The more you politically manage it, the lower the productivity goes.  So, it is really a house of cards.  The money managers are looking at this, and they are very nervous and for good reason.  A politically managed system is not as robust and healthy as one managed by market economics. . . . You have a failure of the political system to face and manage and deal with what is going on. . . . We have managed this system by being more and more and more secret.  George H. W. Bush said the other day that the American people can’t handle the truth.  I think they can handle the truth, and one of the reasons I am encouraged by Trump is he is going to start bringing more of it out.  That’s what we need.  It’s the only way we can get out of this.  We are being killed by a politically managed system that is being driven by more and more privilege and more and more secrecy.  We’ve got to go to transparency, and it’s going to be a very painful process for the American people.  It’s not going to be pretty.  The game of musical chairs is upon us.  It’s not coming, it’s here.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, creator of The Solari Report.
(There is much more in the video interview.)

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