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FIRST DEBATE OVER: The Ultimate Recap With ALL Of The Answers


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FIRST DEBATE OVER: The Ultimate Recap With ALL Of The Answers

Post by Lobo on Tue 27 Sep 2016, 4:34 pm

FIRST DEBATE OVER: The Ultimate Recap With ALL Of The Answers
Posted by Alex Cooper | Sep 27, 2016 | Breaking News

The Debate Was Heated And Touched On Many, Many Issues

It’s no doubt that our country is witnessing one of the most “interesting” election races in history. With two candidates pitted against one another tonight at the debate, it truly was a battle of good versus evil. Trump stood valiantly in resolve for the American people. Hillary, in her normal way, dodged questions and pointed fingers.
A few minutes before the debate kicked off Mr. Clinton and Ms. Trump came to the middle to shake hands in good spirit and welcome the event. As the two parties approached, it was quite clear who looked more professional and lively. I’ll save you the details, but I don’t think there’s a whole lot of debate on who would be the better first lady (although Bill does have quite the “experience” when it comes to women in the White House).
The debate stage, hosted by Hofstra University (located in Hempstead, New York) was set with an eagle in the background and flags to either side, reminding Americans of the increasingly important decision to be made on November 8th.
Lester Holt, NBC Nightly News Anchor, was the man responsible for asking questions and directing the debate. While NBC is touted as an “unbiased” news source, it’s clear Trump was entering a debate set to favor Hillary Clinton.
That didn’t matter though, as Trump walked onto the debate stage with the same resolve that we have all witnessed over the past few months.

The first question started off with the economy and revolved around income inequality. Hillary Clinton was given the chance to answer first. She dodged the question right off the bat but eventually listed her policies of raising the national minimum wage and forcing employers to pay women extended periods of paid leave. And of course like always, the burden falls on the wealthy people who “don’t do their part.”
Trump’s rebuttal was primed and backed with energy. He hit on the fact that other countries are using the United States as a piggy bank to build globalist nations such as China. Trump hit on Ford leaving and said that “we can’t allow it to happen anymore.” Trump is very familiar with the job market that has stolen thousands of jobs from Americans and he made a point to hit on it succinctly. He went on to promise large tax cuts for companies that would allow the American economy to once again flourish.
When Hillary was given the chance to rebuttal, she said Trump’s “trickle down” approach is just a way to put more money in rich people’s pockets. She also went on to point out that trump was “given $14,000,000 by his father to start.” Adding to that, she pointed out how her father is true businessman and worked hard much unlike Trump.
Trump wasn’t buying it. He said exactly what needed to be said: “Hillary has been a politician for 30 years and we haven’t seen a single one of her hollow promises come to light.” Do you really think electing Hillary is going to change anything?
Hillary got another chance and decided to point to her “expert studies” that show how her economic plan will create 10 million jobs. She said green energy was the answer to providing these jobs. She probably wasn’t expecting Trump’s blunt response that points to the trillions in debt that has been added to by failing green energy companies the government attempted to provide subsidies for.
Trump wasn’t going to let Hillary’s lies slide on trade. He started off by hitting on Bill Clinton’s approval of NAFTA in the 1990s. It has done nothing but destroy industry in the United States and the American People cannot afford to go through another 4 years of failed policies in that area. As Hillary claimed Trump’s numbers were purely false, the American people yet again watched her lie.
This was one of the most clear-cut areas of the debate. Trump’s policy revolves around relieving the enormous tax burden on businesses so they can actually function enough to expand and grow.
Hillary claims Trump’s plan should be redubbed “Trumped Up Trickle Down” as it would only line his pockets. Maybe she forgot about the billions of dollars she collects at the Clinton Foundation from wealthy investors on Wall Street?
And of course Hillary decided to bring up Trump’s tax returns. His response was absolutely brilliant: “I’ll release my tax records when Hillary Clinton releases the 33,000 emails she deleted.”
“It’s about time we have someone who knows about money running this country,” Trump responded when pushed further about his ideas for the economy. With a proclaimed $650,000,000 income for just this year alone, it’s clear Trump knows what’s what when it comes to America’s financial landscape.
Hillary started off for the forum regarding racial issues in America. She claimed that the police force is currently behaving irresponsibly, and even said that “most police officers” agree with her views. And of course, she had to hit on the token gun argument. She cautioned the audience and proclaimed that only increased gun control would lead to law and order.
Trump wasn’t buying it: “When I look at what’s going on throughout various parts of our country, we need law and order in our country. African Americans and Hispanics are living in hell.” Trump was then blamed for discriminating when he suggested the policy of increased frisking and police patrolling.
For whatever reason, the NBC host felt the need to bring up Obama’s birth certificate and how it was a “huge issue” for Trump. Trump wasn’t phased. Trump proved his power and acumen by pointing to the fact that he was the one to have it produced in the first place. For years politicians attempted to have the birth certificate produced and were completely unsuccessful. Maybe Hillary forgot about this too.
When it came down to national security, Trump won, again.
Secretary Clinton (because that’s all she will ever be—a failed secretary) immediately started off by attacking trump for “encouraging Russia” to attack her web server. She was referring to Trump’s tweet where he pointed to the absolutely embarrassing fact that our government leaked thousands of classified documents.
Trump didn’t have time for her lies. He spoke on the fact that the current administration has done nothing but destroy the American People’s trust by losing countless important documents with highly sensitive information.
Hillary Clinton claims that the only way to end homegrown terror is to work with Muslim nations; she thinks we should allow them to be more involved in the process and foster Muslim-oriented “close working cooperation in these communities.”
Trump revealed the fact that NATO is being funded 73% by the United States. He said that they need to “focus on terrorism as well” and “go into the Middle East with us.” Furthermore, he went on to point out that the United States is one of the only countries actually fulfilling its NATO obligation. He would change this as president and ensure that America be treated with the respect it deserves.
The Iran Deal was undoubtedly the main issue in this arena. This is, of course, the deal that allows Iran to begin nuclear research and development. Somehow that wasn’t enough, as Obama and Clinton worked together to send a $1.7B donation to Iran that supposedly “wasn’t related to the hostages” and was necessary for “geopolitical reasons.”
Hillary Clinton followed continued to spout of the same old garbage and pushed on “reassuring our allies that we have mutual defense treaties.” In essence, she supported the idea that global concerns come first and that America should be subjugated to the desires of what’s best for Europe and the Middle East above all else.
The debate ended with NBC Anchor badgering Trump over and over on his comments regarding the Iraq war. It was one of the pivotal points in the debate where the audience could truly sense the planned bias against Trump.
Hillary Clinton was offered the chance to respond first on almost every single issue. Furthermore, the “tough” questions asked all hit against Trump; there were zero questions about Hillary’s emails, her involvement in Syria, her health concerns, the questionable donations she has received, her involvement with groups funding ISIS, or anything else that would make her look bad.
In the end, Trump exhibited the same composure and intelligence we have all witnessed over the past year. He won on every single real issue and even handled the more sticky questions eloquently.
Hillary Clinton was handed this debate; do not be fooled. Our entire team of editors and writers worked vigorously during the debate, fact checking and looking into claims made. Without a doubt, Donald Trump won that one. Do your own research and look at what is being said. The answer is clear: it’s time to Make America Great Again!

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