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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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“Hillary is a demon who will put a noose around our necks if elected”


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“Hillary is a demon who will put a noose around our necks if elected”

Post by Lobo on Sat 15 Oct 2016, 8:18 pm

“Hillary is a demon who will put a noose around our necks if elected”

By Ray Starmann
Several weeks ago, Julian Assange stated that ‘Hillary Clinton is a demon who will put a noose around our necks if elected.’
Assange is quite correct. Hillary Clinton is a demon. She’s a walking, talking supporting character from the Amityville Horror’s red room of terror.
She’s a lying criminal who is simply incapable of expressing or feeling empathy for anyone. She would have found a home at a death factory like Auschwitz, where SS personnel exhibited similar sociopathic traits as Mrs. Clinton. She is a ranting, violent individual who has and will destroy anyone in her path without the slightest feeling of remorse.
This election is unprecedented on many levels, but mostly for the reason that a major political party has nominated someone who is the most corrupt candidate to ever run for President of the United States.
Her crimes go back a quarter of a century and involve bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, violations of the Espionage Act, perjury and in the case of Vince Foster particularly, an accomplice in what was certainly a murder. Whitewater, Chinagate, Travelgate, threatening Bill’s victims, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, the Email Scandal, the list is endless and frankly sickening.
Bill and Hillary Clinton corrupt, threaten and destroy people like they are pieces of bath tissue to be disposed of when the deed is done. They could care less how many people’s lives they ruin as long as the money rolls in and the power remains intact.
The Clintons have corrupted the DOJ, the FBI, the State Department, the White House, nearly all of the mainstream media, who under threat, bribery or ideology, are complicit in attempting to usher in an ailing crook as President.
The rule of law has been destroyed in the United States in order to ensure that villains occupy the White House. We are now living in a banana republic, courtesy of the Clintons. Like all tyrants in history, the Clintons are evil geniuses at manipulating and threatening people to go along with their machinations.
Like the devil, Hillary Clinton is full of deception and lies and her entire campaign strategy is predicated on lying and hoodwinking a good chunk of the nation that is uninformed, overly sensitive, politically correct and naïve.
Like the devil, Hillary Clinton is full of venom and hate; hate for half of the nation she refers to as  irredeemable and deplorable, hate for Catholics, Evangelicals, Southerners, Latinos and ‘everyday Americans,’ aka the middle class.
Hillary Clinton has nothing to run on except a 30 year career of incompetence and scandal. Therefore, the focus must shift to Trump’s character.
In what can only be described as a coup d’etat, the mainstream media is running a giant disinformation campaign designed to take down Trump and ensure the globalists can continue their rape of America.
Trump is being painted as a sexual predator, when the real predators are the Clintons.
If Hillary’s past crimes weren’t enough, she is the puppet of the globalists, who with her firmly ensconced in the Oval Office, will break this great Republic into a thousand pieces.
A President Hillary Clinton would be dangerous not only to the Constitution, but to life on earth itself. She would decimate religious freedom and freedom of the press, while without a doubt eviscerating the Second Amendment. If this woman is elected, a reign of corruption and lawlessness will hang over the nation like an evil, gray pall, eventually suffocating it.
With the direction of the globalists, she would open our borders to tens of millions of unvetted immigrants from Latin America and the Middle East. More jobs would be given to illegals and disappear to foreign countries. Wages would fall farther and poverty would be off the charts.
Her maniacally reckless temperament combined with her general incompetence would possibly ignite a nuclear war with our old Cold War adversary. Today, Jill Stein called Hillary dangerous and said she could start a war with Russia.
Of course, Hillary would start a war with Russia. That’s what the globalists want.
Hillary Clinton is the dark side’s agent of destruction who will bring a plague upon the City on the Hill if elected.
Pray for Trump.

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