[ltr][b]BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed a member of the Finance Committee Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, Wednesday, for the allocation of large sums of money to the Office of President of the Republic within the next year 's budget, and while noting that the amounts allocated to the five - fold exceeded dedicated to the Council of Ministers, noted the intention of Parliament to vote on accounts final years Alsabakh.oukal Abdul Khaliq in a press statement today: " the general budgetfor next year included the allocation of large sums of money amounts by the Office of the Presidentof the Republic is estimated at more than 50 billion dinars per month," he said . "this huge amount is five times what is made for the Office Prime Minister is the biggest business and errands broader " and on the final accounts of the previous years , said Abdel - Khaleq said" Parliament is going to vote on all the final accounts for previous years, it has been voted to the 2011 accounts and working committees to pass the accounts for subsequent years , except in 2014 , which did not include any budget , "he said , adding that" the House of Representatives presented previously to political pressure led to the lack of auditing those accounts , "the House of Representatives .oanaakec draft general budget of the country 's law in preparation for the second reading, and make some modifications to suit the economic conditions of the Blad.ivkr that Abadi ordered deduct 4.8% ofthe employees and retirees monthly salaries and poverty rate in Iraq has become more than 39% according to the latest report by the Iraqi Ministry of planning.[/b][/ltr]