BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Search President Fuad Masum Monday evening in Baghdad withthe head of the Shiite alliance Ammar al - Hakim, the latest political developments and Alomnah.ozkr a presidential statement today: that " it was discussed during the meeting about, and ways to support ongoing military operations to complete the liberation of the city of Mosul the remnants of the terrorist Daesh doubling the gangs and to develop ways of eliminating cells dormant in every country . "He added that" the meeting alive victories of the Iraqi armed forces and the Peshmerga and the crowd popular and volunteers in the province of Nineveh and progress victorious made by the fronts of multi - fight . "He called infallible and wise to the " need to move ahead with preparations to ensure a direct missions post Daesh referring to reconstruction operations and plans of re - displaced people, reconciliation and the distribution of positions in accordance with the political quota system, "stressing the" unnecessary to issue a number of laws necessary for it ". as the two sides stressed" the need to activate the communication and consultations between all parties, and strengthen the unity of the national ranks and overcome the current economic and financial difficulties. "