[ltr]BAGHDAD: Iraq 's grid News - The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, trusted to continuethe Iraqi people for the development of its democratic system and continue reforms. The presidential him that statement infallible "visited on the evening of Thursday , House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , in the framework of interviews conducted with a number of state leaders political forces and parliamentary blocs to discuss ways to overcome the current political crisis andthe return of the Council of Common House of Representatives for the resumption of the legislative and regulatory tasks. " the President expressed his infallible" fixed the ability of our people 'sconfidence in the development of its democratic system through understanding, dialogue and continue the reforms and the fight against corruption and to achieve the aspirations of all Iraqi people, stressing the importance of strengthening unity and national sovereignty in parallel with thecomplete victory over terrorism. "the statement pointed out that the two sides discussed during themeeting" to discuss the security developments and ways to support our armed forces to continuetheir victories to organize Daash terrorist and provide various kinds of support to the displaced people of Anbar, as well as emphasis on the arrest of the perpetrators of the bombings crimes terror everywhere. "[/ltr]