BAGHDAD / Network Iraq News -nizt community parties of the Shiite alliance in Washington , a march in support of the popular crowd at Mgarath criminal groups, and sponsored this international organization for the defense of human rights in the United States march .oozaat Organization banners that calls to fight extremism and terrorism , and especially the Al Saud regime , which finances groups terrorist in Iraq and Syria, the organization also blessed the adoption of the popular crowd in the Iraqi parliament Act, which is a stab in the chest Alarhab.oantalegt demonstration in the heart of Washington , DC, in front of the "White House" and states other US large demonstrations. the condemned these peaceful marches by virtue of Saud and Agramhm and carried banners that read " the price of speaking freely in Saudi Arabia be the fate of slaughter, such as Sheikh Tiger" .wallavt the demonstrators chanted slogans condemning Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Erdogan and states that sponsor terrorism, bringing with them the first time and in front of the White House, to Avtata reading "We support the popular crowd ".