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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Sexual Assault fever is sweeping the US military


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Sexual Assault fever is sweeping the US military

Post by rocky on Fri 05 May 2017, 1:34 am

Sexual Assault fever is sweeping the US military

Written by : by mohanad in:May 5, 2017In: Arab World No Comments Print E - mail
Light News / Agencies
announced that the US Department of Defense , "Pentagon", said the military had received a record number of reports of sexual assaults last year, describing it as " the index on military confidence in the system."

The subject of sexual assaults and incidents of harassment in the army Alomerreqi scrutiny, after the disclosure of the scandal included some members of the Marines involved in the publication of pictures of naked women from the army on the Internet. The US military said it had opened an investigation and denounced senior lawmakers in Congress violations.

According to "Reuters" according to an annual report of the US Army, he said that "the military reported 6172 cases of sexual assault, in the case of 2016 compared to 6082 last year."

The figure represents a sharp jump from 2012, when were reported 3604 cases.

She said, "Elizabeth Van Winkle" by the functions of assistant secretary of defense for readiness at a news conference, "We see the increase in communications rates are an indication of the continuing confidence in our responses and our systems support."

For its part, questioned Senator Christine Gelibrand in a statement whether there is real progress, indicating that "the truth is that the scourge of sexual abuse in the army is still present."

The report encompassed a survey conducted every two years, and concluded that a military 14900 were subjected to some form of sexual abuse in 2016, ranging from rape to harassment, down from 20,300 in 2014.

However, the report showed that 58 per cent of the victims were subjected to reprisals to inform them about the facts of sexual assault.

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