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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Thu 01 Jun 2017, 2:56 am

The world in 24 hours

Trump decides to withdraw from the Paris agreement , climate

site said on Wednesday Okcios news, US President Donald Trump, decided to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, and citing exporters directly on the decision to know.
The Trump has been described by global warming as a hoax and refused ratification of this important agreement on climate change at a summit held by the Group of Seven on Saturday , saying he needed more time to make a decision, then wrote on Twitter he says he will make a decision this week.
Quoted Fox News Channel from an unnamed source confirmed the withdrawal, and aims at the agreement signed by nearly 200 countries in Paris in 2015 to reduce the high temperatures on the ground through the steps , including reduction of carbon dioxide and other gases resulting from fossil fuel combustion emissions , the United States is committed under the agreement to reduce their emissions between 26 and 28 percent from the levels of 2005, by the year 2025.
site said Okcios the team of Scott Pruett and director of US environmental Protection agency is developing details of the withdrawal. The site that exists between the formal withdrawal option , which may take three years and between the exit of the United Nations treaty based on the agreement , which will be faster but more extreme.

thousands of demonstrators demanding the release of Nasser Alzfzafa

thousands of people demonstrated in the city of Al Hoceima, north of Morocco, demanding the release of a prominent activist. There are reports that anti - riot police confronted protesters strongly, and then retreated afterwards. Protesters rallied after the arrest of Nasser Alzfzafa on Monday and charged with threatening national security. The systems Alzfzafa protest movement is still continuing months against unemployment and corruption since. The demonstrations were still going on in Morocco since the killing of fishmonger in Al Hoceima in the month of October. According to Agence France - Presse that the protesters, who chanted "We are all Nasser Alzfzafa", filled the streets in Al Hoceima Tuesday evening, riot police deployed on the ground to stop their progress. This was followed by clashes between demonstrators and police, but the police retreated without causing any accidents. It saw the Casablanca and the capital Rabat protest marches, according to Agence France - Presse. The death of the fish seller, intellectual Mohsen, who crushed to death by a garbage truck as he tries to salvage what is in possession of fish after being seized by police, who sparked large protests in October. Thousands of protesters took to the streets accusing the government of corruption, abuse of power and injustice. The death of an intellectual compared to the death of Mohammed Bouazizi fruit seller in Tunisia in 2010 , which led later to ignite the spark of uprisings known as the Arab Spring.

Defense Minister: our strikes in Libya " has achieved its objectives , "

said Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Sidqi Subhi, on Wednesday that the strikes carried out by the armed forces against the militias and terrorist elements in Libya achieved its objectives, including "deter terrorist organizations and their supporting forces." Sobhi commented on the bombing of the Egyptian aircraft for terrorist camps in eastern Libya, over the past few days, saying that the armed forces of these strikes , " the inherent right of the Egyptian state against anyone tempted to prejudice the sanctity of the nation and its territorial integrity."
The Egyptian Air Force began launching strikes hours after masked gunmen attacked vehicles transporting dozens of Copts to the monastery in the province of Minya in Upper Egypt, on Friday, where they killed 29 and wounded 24 in an attack organization announced Daesh responsibility for it. In this context , the defense minister said that " the armed forces are the highest degrees of preparedness and readiness, to carry out any task assigned to it to defend the homeland and securing its borders and the protection of national security pillars."
It came Subhi 's remarks in a meeting periodically with a number of officers and soldiers from the class and various armies fighters, which dealt with what is going on events and variables on the internal and external arenas, and its impact on the national security of Egypt.
With regard to the Sinai Subhi he praised the efforts of the army and police forces, during the ongoing encounters with criminal elements and terrorists. He also praised the role of tribes and clans in the Sinai " to achieve security and stability and the full support of the armed forces in all tasks."
Since nearly four years , the militants have stepped up their attacks on the army and police in northern Sinai, killing hundreds of their members, and declared allegiance to Daesh in 2014. The army says hundreds of them were killed in a campaign involving the police.

Conservative Party could lose the majority in the British Parliament

opinion poll conducted by the "YouGov" Institute, the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Theresa May, you may not get an absolute majority in parliament, during the general elections to be held on the eighth of June next.
Although most modern opinion polls about the possibility of strengthening the Conservative Party for its majority, research published recently said that the Conservatives could lose 20 seats of the seats they occupy now, which is 330 seats. The "Times" that the opposition Labor Party has obtained nearly 30 seats, and alerted the newspaper that it might make conservatives less than 16 seats , an absolute majority they need, to govern alone without the support of other parties , which is 326 seats, as quoted by Reuters.
The polls revealed, since a suicide attack in Manchester, shrinking the difference between the Conservative Party and the Labor Party, has also increased support for the Liberal Democrats

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