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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Amman from Baghdad waiting lists of goods exempted from customs duties


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Amman from Baghdad waiting lists of goods exempted from customs duties Empty Amman from Baghdad waiting lists of goods exempted from customs duties

Post by rocky on Sat 15 Jul 2017, 2:38 am

Amman from Baghdad waiting lists of goods exempted from customs duties

7/15/2017 0:00

Jordan are looking forward to re - opening of the Trebil border
Hazim ovaries
builds a lot of traders and industrialists Jordan hopes that the Iraqi authorities to answer before the end of this month to request exemption lists of goods that have requested Oman exemption from fees when entering into Iraq, and Jordan was delivered about two months Iraq before the list bearing the names of 1300 factory wants to export their products and demanded exemption from customs duties until their entry into its territory, after the imposition of Iraq tariffs by 30 percent on all goods entering its territory , regardless of the exporting countries.
Note that the officials at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply constant contact with their Iraqi counterparts to study the three conditions set by Baghdad to exempt Jordanian goods from customs duties is to determine the production capacity of the factories of Jordan during the current month, and commitment to agricultural Balrosnamh in Iraq, and the lack of inclusion of goods that the Iraqi sovereign decisions were issued to protect them as a national product.

Exempt goods
known that the private sector relies heavily on the reopening of the Iraqi market and Jordanian goods exempt from customs duties by virtue of the Iraqi market is essential for exports of Jordan. And Jordan still issued to the Iraqi market , despite the closure of "Trebil" port, through overland transit to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait access to Iraq through the Safwan border crossing, or through the sea route through the port of Aqaba to the port of Umm Qasr through the port of Jebel Ali.
Director General of the Amman Chamber of Industry builds hope to re - open the Trebil border crossing, because that would lead to the promotion of trade exchange between the two countries, which is greatly influenced by the result of this closure during the last three years, and led to a decline in Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market significantly, especially as alternatives other which includes shipping by Kuwait or by sea facing export obstacles such as high costs and delays access.

Jordanian exports
room data indicate that exports during the first third of this year to Iraq has dropped by 32 percent as it fell to 121 million dinars compared to 178 dinars , the same period last year , a million, and expresses its Director - General expressed the hope that the adoption of a list of Jordanian goods that have been the Iraqi side to provide them by the Chamber, in cooperation with the chambers of Industry in Jordan , and in coordination with the Ministry of Industry, trade and Supply, so exempt these products from customs duties imposed by Iraq recently, shows that the private sector relies heavily on the support of the business sector in the brotherly Iraq this The list, since continuing to impose such fees, constitute a serious blow to the Jordanian exports to Iraq, and will lead to the closure of many factories that go all production to the Iraqi market and thus lay off thousands of workers, and the consequent risks to social security.

Export value of the
latest figures released by the Department of Statistics show that the export value of the Iraqi market fell during the month of April by 20 percent to 20.2 million dinars instead of 25.5 million dinars compared to the same period last year, Jordanian exports to Iraq fell by 63 percent last year compared to 2013 , while the closure of connecting Trebil crossing between Jordan and Iraq completely, and the value of antibiotics in the 2016 level of 330 million dinars instead of 882 million dinars in
It is noteworthy that exports to the Iraqi market reached its peak in 2013 when it was worth 883 million dinars , while she was in the year 2012 level of 716 million dinars , compared with 715 million dinars in

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