MP from the mass of Saaron Raed Fahmi, Tuesday, the government and the House of Representatives responsibility for not legislating the laws in parliament during the first legislative term, except for the budget law, noting that the lack of the completion of the government cab cast a shadow on the legislative and executive work. 

Fahmy said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the legislative and executive authorities bear the responsibility of the delay of the supervisory and legislative roles of the parliament and the non-legislation of the laws during the first legislative term excluding the budget," noting that "there are many circumstances were the reason not to enact any law, Cast a shadow over the legislative and executive work. "

Fahmy added that "the government is concerned to send bills to the House of Representatives, which did not send only the budget bill at the beginning of parliamentary sessions and then sent a very short time ago 13 bills," pointing out that "the parliament proceeded smoothly by introducing laws for first reading according to mechanisms Rules of procedure of the Council ". 

Fahmi stressed that "the delay in the executive work has a direct impact on the legislative work, but this does not exempt the parliament from the failure of the fact that the parliamentary committees have not been completed and were not elected heads, which overshadowed the role of oversight of the Council," stressing that "there are many Remarks that make us need to raise the level of performance in the work of Parliament. " 

The Presidency of the House of Representatives announced on 26 January 2019 the end of the first legislative term of the House of Representatives after the vote on the federal budget for fiscal year 2019.