said the official spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Jin Shuang, that his country had submitted a memorandum to the United States over its decision not to extend the exemption from the sanctions imposed on the purchase of Iranian oil. 

"The US actions are leading to increased tensions in the Middle East and volatility in the international energy market," said Jin Shuang at a news conference on Tuesday. "We urge the United States to show responsibility and play a constructive role, not the other way around. .

The Washington announced on Monday that it would halt the exemptions and exceptions given to some countries from the application of US sanctions imposed by Washington that Tehran . 

US President Donald Trump imposed economic sanctions on Tehran in two stages, in August and November 2018, including several sectors, including oil. 

This came after Washington unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal, concluded in 2015, between Iran and six major powers - the United States, Russia, Britain, France and China - and Germany. 

Washington granted exceptions to eight sanctions imposed on Iran and allowed it to import Iranian oil without a six-month sentence.

Iran, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy and Greece were among the countries exempt from sanctions on Iranian oil imports.