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Kuwait .. Tsunami accusations of money laundering hit media celebrities


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Kuwait .. Tsunami accusations of money laundering hit media celebrities Empty Kuwait .. Tsunami accusations of money laundering hit media celebrities

Post by rocky on Sun 23 Feb 2020, 2:36 am

Kuwait .. Tsunami accusations of money laundering hit media celebrities

Kuwait .. Tsunami accusations of money laundering hit media celebrities 19198

The Economy News - Baghdad
A wave of panic is sweeping the media media in Kuwait among the tweeters and those known as "fashinstats", as a result of referring two of them (Mohadrad and Fashinista) to the Public Prosecution on charges of money laundering through their advertisements on their accounts on social media .
Lawyers confirmed that this is just the beginning and that this thread will be trapped by a good number of these celebrities, after their bank balances have been inflated so excessively that they have reached millions of numbers, in addition to the severe extravagance that appears to them from buying luxury cars and real estate in a period Briefly disproportionate to their assumed sources of income .
The statutory also indicated that there is a defect in monitoring the work of these celebrities, they do their work without professional or commercial licenses, and that the financial compensation they receive for their advertisements remains without controls because they provide services and not commodities whose prices can be legalized, which calls for legislation It places them within the legal and financial control .
The head of the Administrative Services Department at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Finance Bader Al-Qattan told Al-Jazeera Net, “As a finance ministry, we cannot move except at the request of the competent authorities, such as the Ministry of Interior, which may ask us for a specific statement about a specific person, or the banks that must inform us if inflation is The account of any customer without justification . "
He added, "If the bank does not address us, on what basis will we move? I can say that I am certain that there is money laundering, but the issue here is the Ministry of Interior and the Central Bank of Kuwait, and the situation requires more deterrent legislation ."
For his part, Lawyer Haider Nawar Jamal, Chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Committee at the Kuwait Lawyers Association for Al-Jazeera Net, says, “Banks should consider famous media celebrities from high-risk clients because they frequently deal with cash (cash), and there is no standard for prices The ads they provide, especially that their work is based on (services) and not a commodity or product, and they may be used by others to pass illegal money . "
Unfortunately, many banks do not take these measures with them, either because they trust them or shorten them .
Jamal stresses that what we see now is the beginning of the thread, as there are famous media players who have imaginary assets and deal in millions of dinars, which makes them in the crosshairs, according to him .
As for lawyer Naguib Al-Waqayan, he assures Al-Jazeera Net the necessity of legalizing and restricting the work of these celebrities on social media sites in the field of advertisements, because if media media celebrities are prevented from providing these advertisements, "we will prevent a large part of any attempts to launder money through them, then we must close the doors of suspicions , Because not putting restrictions on this cyber crime will lead to more of them . "
Al-Waqayan demanded the use of international institutions with expertise, because the local authorities alone will not be able to access the accounts of money launderers in some islands and small countries known to harbor suspicious funds?
In turn, lawyer Inaam Haidar told Al Jazeera Net, "The financial behavior of some of these celebrities is exaggerated, and they must provide conclusive evidence of the legality of the sources of the funds and not through fake operations to ensure their authenticity and so that they can exonerate themselves ."
A number of famous singers and fascists have refused to comment on these accusations, and some have entrusted legal attorney, Bader Baqer, who confirmed to Al-Jazeera Net that a number of his fashions have been summoned by the Kuwaiti State Security Investigations to interrogate them about the influx of their assets, where they have provided evidence of legality This inflation, and they did not commit any legal violation, as these funds were obtained in exchange for ads through their accounts on the communication sites .
Baqer added that everything that is rumored is just rumors and gossip. The celebrities of the social media receive a large financial reward for submitting these advertisements, and this matter varies from one person to another according to his fame and the number of his followers, and there are no violations of their actions in their actions .
The Central Bank of Kuwait was not far from the ongoing controversy, as it issued a statement confirming that in the event that banks violate the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law, penalties of up to five hundred thousand Kuwaiti dinars ($ 1.63 million) are applied to them, indicating that the Financial Investigation Unit is the body that The law specializes in her to receive notifications to take charge of the investigation and then inform the Public Prosecution if necessary, and the freezing of company and individual accounts with local banks requires a decision by the judiciary .
According to experts and specialists, the accusations of money laundering will soon or later hit many famous singers and fashionistas social media in Kuwait, and the matter may result in restrictions on the use of these accounts on social media sites that currently operate advertising platforms without controls .    
Source: Al-Jazeera Net

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