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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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High coordination and cooperation between Israel and the GCC level


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High coordination and cooperation between Israel and the GCC level

Post by rocky on Tue 30 May 2017, 3:38 am

High coordination and cooperation between Israel and the GCC level


The Israeli newspaper Maariv revealed that the coordination between the GCC countries and Tel Aviv level rose significantly, confirming that the number of businessmen and commercial companies, an Israeli working in the Persian Gulf states for years.
The newspaper, in its edition of Monday, the presence of increased activity and mutual between the Saudi regime and "Israel" in the economic and medical field, stressing that the Gulf states manages direct economic relations with Israel, in addition to the cooperation between the two sides in the medical field
The report pointed out that it was hinted publicly to the relations between the Zionist entity and the Saudi regime in more than one occasion, recalling in this context, a statement the Minister of War former entity Israeli occupation Moshe Yaalon, who spoke about secret meetings with the princes of the sons of Saud as well as the final position of the President of the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu, who expressed his hope in the transformation of secret relations with Arab countries to the public.

In a related economic newspaper "The Marker" Israel revealed that Washington will sell Israeli weapons to Saudi Arabia, noting that Tel Aviv will receive a large share of the huge arms deals profits between Riyadh and Washington.
The Israeli newspaper that the US-Saudi deals will take place a boom in the work of Israeli companies and expand their projects because of the huge demands size that must be supplied on time, noting that the many companies producing weapons in Israel are working, vowing the US military factories that will supply Saudi Arabia with weapons and combat systems received in transactions worth $ 110 billion in the first phase, which is scheduled to increase to $ 350 billion after ten years.
In turn, the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal," the US said revealed earlier that the kingdoms of the Gulf sheikhdoms presented an initiative on the entity of the Israeli occupation include the establishment of better relations with him if Netanyahu presented a proposal "serious aims to re-launch the settlement process in the Middle East," which includes the Gulf initiative to normalize relations several steps, including "the establishment of direct contacts with" Israel "and the granting of the right to fly its aircraft across the airspace of these countries and the lifting of restrictions on certain forms of trade.

The New York Times, revealing during the month of August last year, the presence of signs and Maicrat not only on the improvement of relations between the system of Saud and the entity of the Israeli occupation, but on its development over many years and approached the transition to a "more visible public alliance."
The site that "NRG" electronic Israeli news, confirmed earlier that the emirate of Dubai, considered that the Israelis are welcome now where with a stay in a five-star hotel, explaining "that from yesterday Israelis can book" recreation package "in the" Dubai International Hotel "in addition to 135 restaurants and a theater where he offers the most important international artists," the site notes that the Israelis are not obliged to Balasthsal a visa to Dubai and they can reach the emirate through cheap flights provided by airlines on their way from an entity Israeli occupation to East Asia, although there is no trips direct air from this entity to Dubai.

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