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Abadi calls Kurdish leaders to dialogue in Baghdad


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Abadi calls Kurdish leaders to dialogue in Baghdad

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Sep 2017, 3:00 am

Abadi calls Kurdish leaders to dialogue in Baghdad


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13/9/2017 12:00 am 

[rtl]Announced his departure to New York next week 
Baghdad / Alaa al-Tai

The Prime Minister and the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Dr. Haider Abadi, rejected the referendum on the independence of Kurdistan from Iraq scheduled for 25 September next, warning of the repercussions of the referendum on the Kurds themselves.
He said that the next military operations will be the liberation of Hawija and western Anbar to the Syrian border. He revealed his intention to travel to New York next week to attend the UN General Assembly meeting, noting that the visit is an opportunity to meet with world leaders to get support for Iraq in the reconstruction of liberated cities. This comes at a time when the Council of Ministers discussed the subject of the referendum of the Kurdistan region, as the Council stressed its keenness to maintain Iraq's unity and adherence to the Constitution and dialogue to resolve all outstanding problems. Government achievements  Ebadi said in his weekly press briefing , on Tuesday, attended by «morning»: he «three years after the age of this government , we moved from the defense phase of the passage to the elimination phase of the gangs (Daesh)», indicating that «Mosul and Tal Afar Hrrta and we will liberate soon areas The other within the plan put in this framework ».

Abadi said that «the plan began to implement the actual movement of troops and readiness for the next phase to clear the remaining of our land in Kirkuk and Hawija and West Anbar on the Euphrates River to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border and thus we will end the file of terrorism Daashi». "The government has faced a difficult economic situation in 2014 as a result of the decline in oil prices on world markets," he said. "Despite the crisis, the government continued its efforts to provide and secure salaries and pensions as well as wage a successful war with heroic sacrifices." He added that «the government succeeded in diversifying sources of income and the creation of a parallel economy non-oil in the stages and the establishment of an economic reform route to double imports and reduce reliance on oil revenues in accordance with the policy extends for years contrary to the claims of some, which are limited to immediate procedures». Efforts to combat corruption

 On the file of corruption, Abbadi explained that "since the beginning of the government's work, we have declared that the fight against corruption will not be an individual task, but rather a project that must be properly established. We started with invisible steps and took advantage of the international experience in this context. We have done criminal work and collected evidence without neglecting any of them. "The results of this work are beginning to appear and we will continue to act according to those steps to fight corruption as we fought terrorism and we won it." The Prime Minister pointed out that «the regional and international situation towards Iraq has developed tremendously and Iraq is welcome and the countries are looking forward to benefit from the Iraqi experience in certain matters as unique experience in the fight against terrorism», stressing that «the regional and international position insists on the unity of Iraq and sovereignty and political and economic stability Security and indivisibility. "
He pointed out that «the Council of Ministers began early in the preparation of the federal budget for next year, which focuses on reducing the expenses of presidencies and ministries and secure the salaries of employees and retirees and beneficiaries of social protection and ration card and the requirements of security and health». 
Prime Minister revealed his intention next week to head a high-level delegation to attend the UN annual meetings, stressing the importance of these meetings to support the stability of Iraq in the post-victory on terrorism. Abadi noted that "attendance at UN meetings provides an individual opportunity to meet with world leaders and discuss with them to achieve the interests of the Iraqi people away from the atmosphere of protocol," stressing that «last year's visit has achieved 30 meetings with leaders and senior officials of the world.

"Our current goal is the reconstruction of Iraq and liberated areas," he said, pointing to "the need for international support, which we do not need from anyone, but imposed by our heroic stand in the fight against the urging and elimination." The commander-in-chief of the armed forces warned of «attempts to creep and extend to the elements advocating in the territory of Iraq», stressing Iraq's quest to eliminate all hotbeds in the region as part of a joint international effort ». He stressed that «the attempt to criminalize all those who supported and supported an international supporter», revealing «the preparation of a draft resolution in the Security Council will be presented during our meetings in New York to expose a sympathetic and all parties that funded terrorist groups and supported». Session of the Council of Ministers

The Prime Minister said: «The Council of Ministers discussed for a long time the issue of the referendum of Kurdistan and reiterated its commitment to maintain the unity of Iraq in accordance with the Constitution and stressed the dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues between the federal government and the provincial government and confirmed the unconstitutional decision to proceed with the referendum as well as violation of the referendum procedures of the laws in force in Iraq, Violating the laws of the province itself. " He added that «can not be a referendum on one side, we are linked historical relations and fate and the struggle and our fate and one has been experienced differences and conflicts in the time of the tyrant and we found it was born and left tragedies and massacres and tried to cooperate and coordination, we called on the call and liberated Nineveh», stressing that «the unity of our people achieved these victories Which I admired the world and should not be lost, are still gangs in Hawija. "

He called on Abadi to "stay away from those who ascend nationally and racially, and my speech to the Iraqi citizens from the Kurds in the region and beyond that the Council of Ministers and its president is for all Iraqis and we are keen to achieve all their hopes and provide a life of dignity and safety." He added that «Kurdish citizens have achieved in Iraq after 2003, what they did not achieve over the past centuries and this right for them because they are Iraqi citizens of the first class and to observe them as citizens and to know what is happening both in Iraq and the region and the international situation, I know my information and data that the steps taken to hold the referendum will be lost All that happened to them, "warning of« anyone who wants to drag us to a new sedition, where we continue to pay the price of destruction and debt because of the policies of the former regime ».

He also pointed out that "the imposition of the status quo by force is unacceptable and will not continue. The Baathist regime has tried to do so and we must resort to dialogue in resolving all differences," adding that "we will not allow the division of Iraq with respect for the aspirations of the Kurdish people. Kurds to reject the referendum is not in the interest of one and the solution is dialogue. " He pointed out that «oil is now exported from Kirkuk and was seized on the wells of the province after the fall of the city of Mosul in June 2014 and the region is issued in violation of the law and the Constitution and doing so by force, but why the salaries are not available in Kurdistan? The prime minister asked «Where control of public money?», Adding that «the proportion of revenues from the general budget of 23 percent and they receive money from the export of oil, why not reflect this on the Kurdish citizen? Where are we going? "

"We face our problems as Iraqis in one geographical area and we solve them with cooperation and provide the best for our citizens not by conflict or conflict because the loser will be the citizen," he said. "We are concerned about citizens calling us to this speech and calling for continued dialogue and meetings to find a solution. To come to Baghdad for dialogue. "There is no choice but dialogue." The prime minister met late Monday with UN chief Kofi Annan, head of the UN mission in Iraq. During the meeting, they discussed the war against gangs, calling for the terrorist attacks, the victories achieved and the liberation of the rest of the territories, in addition to the political situation in Iraq. Koepic reiterated the UN's firm stance on Iraq's unity and stability, the importance of dialogue and the priority of focusing on the war  against terrorism.[/rtl]


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