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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Gun Control Is Treason


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Gun Control Is Treason

Post by Neno on Sat 02 Feb 2013, 8:48 am

Overwhelming evidence has surfaced to prove that Sandy Hooks is a hoax.
For example, the recently released CNN helicopter footage that is
supposed to show children escaping from the school is obviously set
somewhere else. The "grieving" parents are surprisingly joyful during
their interviews. The footage from the early hours of the incident shows
a traffic pattern that makes it impossible for emergency vehicles to
operate. There are many other points with various degrees of
credibility, but anyone doing serious research should find plenty to
disprove the "official" story. In spite of this, many people still
manage to believe the TV version of the Sandy Hoax drama.

critics often say that it is crazy to believe that Sandy Hook is a
hoax, but this is simply an irrational emotional response. Their main
argument is that the media and the government would not make such a big
lie and then lie so poorly. This is the exact working principle of the
"Big Lie", one of Hitler's techniques. Many people know about this
technique and then fall for it anyway. Another common claim is that it's
hard to fake that many deaths, but the "victims" could have been easily
paid off to live with new identities. Regardless of the facts, sheeple
believe what is shown on TV. They are suffering from the Stockholm
Syndrome - they've learnt to love Big Brother. Accurate information and
logic do not matter to them. Without the means to defend themselves,
they are just sheep being led to the slaughter.

The proposed
gun control legislation does not improve public safety, but reduces the
ability of the people to resist tyranny. High capacity magazines are
not necessary to kill unarmed people or commit crime, but are very
important for fighting armed minions of a tyrannical government, and
deterrring a foreign enemy invasion. Making fighting weapons less
available to people reduces their ability to defend themselves. People
without the ability to defend themselves are at greater risk than people
that can defend themselves.

While the threat of a crazy
gunman exists, it pales in comparison to the threat of a murderous
government. Murderous governments are not fiction, but historical fact
and have emerged virtually everywhere where gun control has been put in
place. Even today, millions of political prisoners are being tortured to
death in communist countries. People point to the many Western nations
that have gun control but no murderous governments as examples, but
these governments know that if they were to start killing their own
people, Americans would step in. America is the last bastion of freedom
on the planet and that is why America is under sustained attack.

biggest threat to America today comes from within. That threat is
traitors in high positions. These traitors work covertly and watch their
actions carefully lest they become exposed in a manner that removes the
doubt of the public, most of whom cannot believe that such massive
treason can take place in our society. They have chosen the ideal cover
for their goals of subverting America - the guise of public servants.
Using their positions of power, they have gradually eroded our freedoms
and rights to further increase their own power. America is now on the
brink of dictatorship, where this small group of traitors can have
unlimited control of the nation.

The ignorance of the public
makes tyranny possible. Many people still believe the Sandy Hoax made
for TV drama/story. This amazing feat of ignorance can only be explained
by a mental disorder. This type of mass psychosis is one of the
conditions necessary for a brutal regime to come to power with popular
support. This is the type of mass psychosis that has fueled the public
support of murderous dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.
This type of mass psychosis is now prevalent in America and the traitors
know it. It is no surprise that they are now seeking to disarm the rest
of us, so that we cannot resist their planned tyranny.

control legislation is in direct violation of the Constitution that the
legislators have sworn an oath to uphold. The Constitution recognizes
and protects the right of the People to own firearms and to use them for
self-defense. These are not privileges granted by the Constitution,
they are God-given rights that are recognized and protected under the
Constitution. They are rights that every legislator has sworn an oath to
protect, regardless of religion. Legislation that violates the
Constitution is an act of treason. Planning such legislation is planning
to commit treason. Feindstein is one of the people planning this, but
she is not alone. Feindstein herself has suspicious links to communist
China. With leaders like this, it is not surprising that China's economy
bloomed while California's withered. Her co-conspirators may have
similar alternative allegiances. If they can disarm the people and
rewrite the Constitution, there will be nothing to stop them from making
policies to imprison people opposed to them, or to use their positions
of power for profit at the expense of the nation. They are already
filthy rich from having done that.

Some people say that the
weapons available to the people are not sufficient to protect freedom
from tyranny, because the state has much more powerful weapons. There is
truth to this criticism and this is because the state has been
gradually eroding self-defense rights of the people for some time now.
Under the Constitution the people should be able to possess the same
weapons as the government, without restrictions. That includes
fully-automatic weapons. Needing a permit for concealed carry is already
an infringement of the Second Amendment. At the same time, the state
has been arming itself to the teeth, including armored vehicles and
drones. These weapons are a threat to our freedom and our lives. That
money should be used to build our communities, instead of holding us
hostage. The legislation that infringes on our rights needs to be
removed and our rights must be restored and vigilantly guarded.

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Dedicated Investor

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Re: Gun Control Is Treason

Post by Pinoy10 on Sun 03 Feb 2013, 12:54 am

This is the truth..... also, in my town if your not at the gun store when they open you wont get an assault rifle, they are all bought up in an hour of store opening. Been that way since the Sandy Hook shooting.

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