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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraq's policy wants to join Russia's alliance with Turkey and Iran


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Iraq's policy wants to join Russia's alliance with Turkey and Iran

Post by rocky on Tue 13 Feb 2018, 3:23 am

Iraq's policy wants to join Russia's alliance with Turkey and Iran[/size]
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 3 hours ago

According to the headline above, Igor Sobotin wrote in Nizavisimaya Gazeta that the participants in the Astana process are looking at Baghdad's request to join the talks and the link between the fate of Iraq and the fate of Syria.
The article said: Iraq's leadership wants to join the "formula of Astana" for the Syrian settlement.
"Our Iraqi friends have made such a request. In fact, Iraq's participation in the Astana process seems important to us both in terms of its contribution to the elimination of state organization and because of the interconnectedness of events in Iraq and Syria," said Maxim Maximov, Russia's ambassador to Baghdad.
The article says that experts interviewed by Nizavisimaya Gazeta see the need for Astana to expand.
"The main problem here is not even in the Astana process, but in promoting a political settlement in Geneva," Ruslan Mamidov, an expert on the Russian Council for International Affairs, told the paper. "Today, the areas of easing the escalation are very vague. As for the Baghdad initiative, it should be noted that the conflict zone in Syria and Iraq is one. The state organization was present in both Iraq and Syria ... and so far, it has been able through direct communication lines. But in general, it is not necessary for Russia to include Iraq to a broader formula to solve its own problems: there are other channels and opportunities for cooperation with Baghdad and with the various political forces in Iraq. "
Mamedov believes that Baghdad is trying to pursue an independent policy and wants to become a regional force that acts as a mediator between the conflicting parties.
"The Iraqis, of course, want to keep up with what is happening in Astana because it militarily affects the situation," said Leonid Isayev, a professor in the Political Science Department at the Higher School of Economics. On Iraq's border with Syria, and I think Baghdad's interests lie here, and the Iraqis simply want to understand the goals and expectations of those countries on which the fate of the situation in Syria depends. "

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