expressed the White House expressed regret for the abolition of North Korea 's scheduled meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence while he was in turn the Olympic Games and it just two hours before the meeting. 

"During the Pines' visit to Pyongyang on the occasion of the opening of the Olympic Games, there was a chance for a brief meeting with the heads of the North Korean delegation," White House spokeswoman Heather Neuert said. "The vice president was ready to take this opportunity to emphasize North Korea's abandonment of its illegal nuclear and missile programs, 

"At the last moment, North Korean officials decided not to hold the meeting," said Noert. "We regret that they have not been able to seize this opportunity." 

According to the White House, the secret meeting was canceled following Pines' comments on the implementation of "tougher and more aggressive" sanctions against Pyongyang and human rights abuses while at the Games. 

"We will not apologize to Pyongyang for what Pines has learned about human rights violations in North Korea," said the spokeswoman. "American student Otto and Ramper returned to America in a coma after being released from prison in North Korea. He died shortly thereafter. . 

The spokeswoman stressed that WashingtonWill not allow North Korea, despite its visit to its southern neighbor to hide its truth, "we will not allow the North Korea's visit to the Winter Olympics cover the concealment of the true essence of the regime ... The extreme pressures and actions against Pyongyang will deepen its diplomatic and economic isolation, To conduct credible negotiations on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula ". 

"The North Korea canceled the meeting in the hope that the vice president would speak in a more courteous way, which would allow Pyongyang to get a good picture on the scene," said Nick Ayres, chief of Mike Pines' bureau. "They refused to meet, perhaps they had no sincere intention of sitting behind the negotiating table."

The US vice president was scheduled to meet on February 10 secretly with Kim Yum-jung, sister of the North Korean leader and honorary leader Kim Yong Nam, but the North Koreans canceled the meeting just two hours before schedule. 

Pines during the Olympic Games strongly criticized North Korea, although he was seated next to the North Korean delegation at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. 

The media reported that the meeting came at the invitation of Pines from North Korea and was prepared for the meeting two weeks ago, brokered by Seoul, and was to be held at the Blue Palace, the official residence of the President of South Korea during the Games.