US President Donald Trump said that former President George W. Bush has committed the "worst mistake" in the history of the United States when the intervention in the affairs of the Middle East. 

"The worst mistake in the history of our country is going to the Middle East that President Bush has done," Trump said in an interview with US television channel HillTV. 

"It may be that (former President Barack) Obama pulled them (US military) in the wrong way, but intervention for me was the worst mistake in the history of our country."

Asked why that was the biggest mistake of his mind, Trump said: "Because we spent $ 7 trillion in the Middle East ... 7 trillion and millions of people, because I would better calculate both." 

Estimates of US spending on its policies in the Middle East vary, according to the Brown University study, with expenditures of $ 5.6 trillion by September 2017, including expenditures for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, military activity in Pakistan and Syria, and internal security spending in the United States And the value of medical services to veterans. 

The Pentagon estimates total war-related spending in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in 2001 to 2018 at $ 1.52 trillion